Cleaning a Really Dirty Pool in Miami

The housing market in Florida is big business with thousands of properties for sale in and around Miami at any given time. Many of these properties are single family homes with pools in the backyard. Have you ever wondered what happens to a pool when it’s neglected for a period of weeks, months or even years? The professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa can tell you exactly what you’re going to find lurking in a neglected pool and it isn’t pretty. Many people purchase foreclosure properties and find that the previous owner had left the pool to its own devices. When this happens, the first thing you need to do is call the pool cleaning and maintenance experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center.

Rejuvenating a neglected pool is more than just draining the water, scrubbing the walls and filling it back up again. There are all sorts of problems a pool can develop when it doesn’t receive proper care and you’ll only cause more problems if you don’t fix the issues at hand. Letting a dirty pool get out of hand is going to cost way more than regular maintenance will so hire All Florida Pool & Spa Center to come by for weekly cleaning!

A professional pool cleaner will take care of the immediate issues like removing debris, clearing out the filters, testing the  water chemistry and performing a chlorine shock treatment. They can also check the pool heat pump and automation equipment to ensure that everything is in working order. If there is a problem the technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa can make repairs or suggest upgrading to one of the energy efficient heat pumps in stock at All Florida Pool & Spa Center on Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami. New pool pumps use less energy while offering fully customizable settings for a pool owner’s convenience.

So you’ve cleaned the water and installed a new pump, ready to swim right? Maybe not. All Florida Pool & Spa Center can also help with pool resurfacing and patios. Check out the recent projects section of the All Florida Pool & Spa website to see firsthand the amazing work done by the pool repair specialists in Miami! Call today for a consultation!