All Florida Pool & Spa Center: Your Miami Pool Service

The real estate market in Miami is a booming industry, with homes bought and sold on a regular basis. Chances are if you’re buying a new home in Miami, there’s a pool in the backyard that’s been sitting by itself for a while. While some sellers make it a point to keep up with their pool service even while the home is on the market, others could care less. For example, a home in foreclosure that’s sold to a new buyer may not have seen a skimmer or drop of chlorine in months, and that means it’s time to call a reputable Miami pool service like All Florida Pool & Spa Center.

If you buy a home with a pool or spa in Miami and you lift the cover only to find something that resembles a swamp, complete with wildlife, it’s always a smart idea to call in a professional. Many people think you just dump in some chemicals, do a little leaf skimming once in a while and call it a day. However, if you really want your swimming pool to look like a crystal-clear oasis, there are numerous steps and procedures that only a true professional can handle.

The first step to cleaning a neglected pool is getting out all the debris so they don’t clog the filtration system. The experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center have the necessary tools and expertise to make the process much quicker and easier than if you were to attempt it yourself. Murky water might make it difficult to see debris, so you might be tempted to drain the pool and start with fresh water, but that’s a time-consuming and not always necessary option. Restoring the water is a better idea that the pool technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center will explore prior to doing something drastic like draining a pool completely.

While some water loss is a normal part of pool use, should you find that water is mysteriously missing every day, you might a have a problem. The pool renovation department at All Florida Pool & Spa Center can help with cracks, leaks and other Miami pool resurfacing procedures. There are plenty of options when it comes to pool resurfacing, so you can achieve the perfect look to match your home.

Call All Florida Pool & Spa Center today – we can help you keep your backyard oasis functioning properly throughout the entire year!