Child Safety Should Always Come First

Pools and spas should be fun for whole the family. From Miami Beach to Pompano Beach, thousands of South Floridians enjoy the perks of great year-round weather relaxing at the family pool. Pool owners all know the responsibilities involved with cleaning and maintaining a pool. But if you have children, your first priority should always be safety.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 260 children under five years of age drown each year in residential pools and spas. Another 3,000 are treated in emergency rooms due to submersion accidents each year.  That’s way too many. Don’t let the jewel of your backyard turn into your worst nightmare.  Here are some important things for all parents to remember.

·         Never let your child go unsupervised around a pool. A child can drown in the same amount of time it takes to answer the phone. Even if your child is a good swimmer, it’s a good idea to always have adult supervision.

·         Place a fence completely around the pool. Install self- closing gates and make sure the latches are kept out of the reach of children. But no matter how many locks and barriers, the most preventative measure is supervision.  

·         No child is drown-proof. A flotation device should never be used as an excuse not to look after your child.

·         Make sure the pool cover is completely removed before using it. A child can be entrapped if it’s partially covered.

·         To prevent children from climbing into the pool area, keep all chairs and tables away from the pool fence.

·         Make sure all toys are removed from the pool area before and after play time. Children playing with toys near the pool are more likely to fall into the water.

·         Always keep a phone nearby with emergency numbers.

·         Take the time to learn CPR and keep rescue equipment near the pool.

There are few things more pleasurable in South Florida than enjoying your pool. By keeping safety as a top priority, you’ll never have to worry about your loved ones becoming a statistic. All Florida Pool & Spa wants you and your family to stay safe and have more fun in the sun.