Check Out Our Top Selling Hot Tubs: Cameo 880 and Optima 880

If you’ve never experienced the luxury of owning your very own hot tub, there’s no better time than now to make the investment. But when you’ve never bought one before, it’s hard to figure out where to begin. There are quite a few manufacturers offering different models across a selection of price ranges. If you’re feeling lost, why not take a look at some of our top sellers at All Florida Pool & Spa Center? The Cameo 880 series and the Optima 880 series are far and away the most popular items we sell.

Best Selling Brands

The Cameo 880 and the Optima 880 are two different product lines from the same manufacturer, Sundance Spas. Sundance Spas is one of the world’s premier home spa manufacturers. Over the last 35 years, they’ve continued to produce reliable, high quality products that stand the test of time. They’re not the only good brand, of course, but it’s hard to go wrong with Sundance.

Cameo 880 Series

The Sundance Cameo 880 series is a perennial bestseller. This lounge-style hot tub is spacious, fitting up to six adults. With a total volume of 370 gallons, it’s great for both families with kids, and for people who love to entertain in their backyard. It’s also equipped with the full range of massage jet types that Sundance produces, each of which provide muscle relaxation with a different therapeutic technique. This aspect makes this hot tub a good choice for people who want to reduce soreness and muscle tension.

Optima 880 Series

The Cameo may be big, but the Optima 880 series has even more space. Seating up to seven fully grown adults, it holds 410 gallons of water. A total of 47 jets provide a full range of massage techniques, enveloping your body in warm, watery bliss as you de-stress after a busy day. The Optima 880 is pretty similar to the Cameo 880 overall, and both come in more or less the same range of exterior and interior color options. For most people, the deciding factor is size. If you’re looking for a party-sized hot tub, the Optima 880 has what you need.

Spa Features & Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your perfect hot tub, you can also consider a range of accompanying features and accessories. Sundance produces quite a few. Some are utilitarian, like protective covers, spa filters, and water purification equipment. Others are a bit more indulgent, like their Sunscents series of hot tub safe aromatherapy products.

At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we offer an impressive range of Sundance products. We have quite a few customers decide on the Cameo 880 or Optima 880 for their reliability, quality construction, and spacious size. Come by any time to take a look at our selection of Sundance hot tubs.