Best Commercial Swimming Pool Safety Equipment for Your Community Pool

A swimming pool is a wonderful amenity for a residential community, a hotel or any other type of location that is used by the public to offer. It adds to the appeal of a community and it is certainly something that people are going to love, especially in Florida. It provides a source of fun and relief from the heat; however, while a pool is beneficial, it can pose certain hazards. Commercial swimming pool safety equipment will ensure that your residents can enjoy the pool as safely as possible.

First Aid Kits

One of the most important commercial swimming pool safety equipment items that you should always have available is a well-stocked first aid kit (the more of these you have, the better.) A first aid kit should contain an assortment of sterile bandages, and plenty of them, water-soluble first aid creams and ointments, antiseptic towelettes, burn cream, and instant ice and hot packs. There are a number of minor accidents that can occur at a community pool, including scrapes and bumps. Having the right pool safety equipment available to treat these minor injuries will ensure that swimmers are well protected.

Pool Signs

Another very important part of commercial swimming pool safety equipment are  pool safety signs. Pool signs alert swimmers of certain hazards, inform them of water depths and notify them of expected behaviors. In short, signs help to make a swimming pool a safer place. For example, a sign that indicates when a lifeguard isn’t on duty will notify swimmers that the pool is not being monitored by a lifeguard and that they will be swimming at their own risk. Likewise, signs that indicate the depths of the pool will let swimmers know how deep the water will be before they enter the pool.

Sanitation Measures

This type of safety equipment is one that is often overlooked, but it is certainly one that needs to be offered for safety reasons in your pool area. For example, if someone gets cut and is bleeding, medical gloves will allow the lifeguard or anyone else who may be attending to the injury to provide care without having to worry about being exposed to the blood or the cut, and without having to worry about exposing the cut to germs that may be on the individuals hands. Sanitary conditions are paramount when providing medical care.

You can count on professional commercial pool maintenance experts, All Florida Pool & Spa Center, to ensure your public pool facilities receives the 5-Star sanitation treatment it deserves.  The expert pool technicians will provide scheduled pool maintenance, be your chemical supply and equipment supplier, and clean your commercial pools (skimming, vacuuming debris, pool tile cleaning and more).

Water Rescue Equipment

One of the most important elements of commercial swimming pool safety equipment is water rescue equipment. Swimming is a lot of fun, but it can quickly turn dangerous. Life vests, rescue cubes and rescue canes are all exceedingly important when it comes to water safety. Should someone be in danger of drowning while they are swimming, this equipment can be used to pull the individual to safety, thus avoiding a potentially deadly situation from occurring.

With the proper commercial swimming pool safety equipment, you will be able to ensure that all of those who use your pool will enjoy fun, and most importantly, safe swimming.  Have your public pool representatives contact the commercial pool maintenance professionals to implement a pool safety plan for your facility.