Benefits of Ozone Water Purification and Discussion of other Sanitizers

Let us start by pointing out some basic knowledge about swimming pool sanitation methods and alternative sanitation equipment.

Chlorine: Unlike Europe, In the US chlorine has traditionally been, and is, the mainstay swimming pool sanitizer. However, credible research suggests that chlorine may have health issues when used in standard recommended quantities as a swimming pool sanitizer.

Chlorine combines with organic load created by human use (sweat, etc.) of the pool and the environment (pollens, airborne debris, etc.) resulting in ( off gassing)Chloramines and Trihalomethanes. In this state Chlorine is not able the properly sanitize the pool and kill bacteria and algae’s.

Salt Chlorine Generators:  A salt chlorine generator is based on electrolysis process which sodium chloride (salt) is converted to sodium chlorine by passing across metal plates enclosed in a chamber (salt cell) which is installed in-line on swimming pool plumbing. These metal plates are energized by a low electrical current, which causes electrolysis process of ion exchange of chloride o chlorine. In most systems you can regulate the amount of current to the cell, which is also regulating the output of chlorine to the pool.  Example- 20% in the winter to 100% in the summer months with a heavy bather load.

Ionizers: This process is based on using antibacterial metals such as copper and silver. This process will reduce overall chlorine usage due to the metals performing some of the organic workload. The down side to Ionizers is that this process of using metals often times result in staining of pool surfaces.

Ozone Generators: Ozone technology for swimming pools has been in regular use for over 50 years in places like France, Germany, and other European nations as they realize the consequences of chlorine gas or chloramines off-gassing.

Ozone has also been in use in Europe since the 1890’s for drinking water purification. Some large cities in the United States such as Los Angeles and Milwaukee now boast the best drinking water in America since they began using ozone as a purification method.

Ozone destroys viruses and bacteria such as e-coli and legionaries, and others.

Ozone is over one thousand times faster acting and 55 times more powerful than chlorine at oxidizing and destroying bather load in swimming pools. This drastically reduces chlorine requirements.

There are many advantages of using ozone in swimming pools or spas. Some are:

  • Decrease chemical usage- significant savings considering the cost of chlorine and other chemicals.
  • Better water clarity
  • Reduction or total elimination of chloramines
  • Reduction or total elimination of odors
  • Smother water feel
  • No red itching eyes normally caused by chloramines
  • Very effective at destroying viruses and organisms
  • PH neutral

Ozone is a gas which consists of three oxygen atoms and is referred to as O3. Ozone has a very short life cycle, around 20 minute half-life, and must be produced on site at the pool location.  Ozone is created by a process where O2 molecules are split in to two O1 atoms and the loosely forms an O3 molecule.

The loosely bonded O1 departs the O3 and attaches to any organic which results in oxidation of the organic (basically very rapidly disrupts the DNA/RNA structures). The O2 is released as O2 and the -contaminate oxidized by the O1 is destroyed.

Ozone gas is introduced into water via a venturi injector creating a vacuum to suck the ozone gas into the water.

This simple and effective process makes the water feel smooth and silky.  Plus, it can make Salt chlorine systems more efficient.  It can greatly increase the life of the cell as the output can be reduced dramatically.  Let us at All Florida Pool and Spa Center show you how to make your water healthy.