Automatic Pool Cleaners: Reducing Workload

Manually cleaning your pool in between your scheduled pool service can take hours- if not days- depending on the size of your pool. Coming home from a stressful day of work or using your day off to take care of such a tedious task is not your favorite pastime and the team at All Florida Pool & Spa knows that. We carry a wide array of automatic pool cleaners to give you your relaxation time back!

An automatic pool cleaner looks like a little robot roaming around the bottom of the pool. They can work through a variety of sources including your filtration system or by themselves. These little robots help keep dirt, junk, and algae from developing in your pool. This combined takes stress off of your filter- making it last longer- and keeps your pool clean in between your regular service.

There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners:
1. Suction Side
2. Pressure Side
3. Robotic

Suction Side
Suction Side Cleaners use your skimmer or suction line and travel your pool floors, suctioning debris through your pool’s filtration system. There are several options that are great for medium and small debris, and some models even climb up pool walls!

Pressure Side
Pressure Side Cleaners use water pressure from a booster pump or pool pump to push the cleaner about your pool. Debris os then forced into a filter bag where it can be easily gathered and removed.

Robotic Cleaner
Robotic Cleaners are self-contained filtration systems in and of themselves. This means they don’t need a pool attachment to make them run. They are perfect for all-size debris, and have models that can perform specific tasks- perfect to tailor for your specific needs.

Our team hopes that you found this little bit of information helpful in making your automatic pool cleaner decision! Stop by during our hours of operation to personally consult one of our experts to find the best cleaner for your needs.