Ask Our Pool Service in Miami: How Can You Maintain Your Pool’s Water Quality?

You’ve probably seen those swimming pool ads with nice, smiling families chilling in a crystal blue pool, but then you look at your own pool and notice the water quality is far from crystal. In fact, it may look like something straight out of a creature feature with its murky, swamp like consistency. If a potential buyer were interested in your home and took one look at the pool, they may run away in terror!

If you want to know what you can do to improve the quality of your pool water, allow the experts at All Florida Pool & Spa help you! We’re always interested in teaching pool owners in the area various ways to make their pool better, and we know how important it can be to maintain your pool water. Our years of experience lend itself greatly to giving in-depth pool advice that will put you on the right path!

Water Quality Tips from Our Pool Service in Miami

If you really want to know what it takes to maintain your pool water, please take note of the following tips:

  • Chlorinate Regularly: Chlorine levels should remain between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm. You can add 2 to 3 chlorine tablets a week to maintain healthy levels. Make sure to monitor chlorine levels daily with test strips. Too much chlorine in the water can make water hazardous for swimmers.
  • Test the pH Level: The pH balance in your water should determine the overall effectiveness over your chlorine. A healthy pH level usually hovers around 7.4 and 7.6. Anything below a 7.2 usually indicates the water is on the more acidic side and anything above a 7.8 indicates the water is more on the alkalinity side.
  • Vacuum Weekly: Vacuuming isn’t just for scooping up bacteria and other filth from your pool’s floor.  That nasty bacteria growth can also hinder the overall quality of your water. You need to vacuum weekly during the winter so your pool’s water retains its shimmer and makes it healthy for all swimmers. Brushing the walls and floors can also help in maintaining your water quality.
  • Skim the Surface: Dirt and debris floating above the surface can also take away from the quality of your pool water. Leaves, twigs, insects, and a whole lot more can find themselves sitting on top of your pool’s surface. Break out the skimmer when you feel the debris buildup has gotten too much to keep your pool water safe and pleasing to the eye!

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today if you want to learn more from our pool service in Miami, especially if you want to learn what you can do to keep water clean and clear!