Order an Amazing Hot Tub Today to Spice Up Your Love Life

Want to do something special and romantic with your partner? Why not consider amazing hot tubs?

A hot tub gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, while getting a little close and steamy under the bubbles. It is perfectly complimented by a bottle of champagne and is especially romantic if you’re able to enjoy the warmth out under the stars.

But how do you go about making the most of your romantic evening? Read on for some ideas…

Buying an Amazing Hot Tubs

The first place to start is of course by actually securing yourself a hot tub. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a hot tub can be installed in your home and how quickly you and your partner can be relaxing in it and enjoying the bubbles!

So what does a good hot tub need? Well for starters, you want something that is going to be big enough for two people to fit in comfortably – there’s nothing romantic about elbowing each other in the face! Comfortable seats are also important then, as is having somewhere to stand a bottle and probably a few glasses that you can clink together.

The hot tub needs to have a variable temperature (so you can be warm outdoors but not unpleasantly sweaty) and it needs plenty of bubbles!

Hot Tub Rentals by the Hour vs. Owning Claremont – 980 Series

Now, if you want to enjoy a relaxing evening for two but don’t want to shell out for your own hot tub, then you can always consider renting a tub by the hour. This is a cheap and easy way to enjoy some time in a tub but of course it isn’t quite the same as owning your own.

Owning your own tub means not having to worry about someone coming to take it away that night – or having to pay for it overnight. It means that you can do whatever you want in it (no worries about making a mess!) and it means you can enjoy multiple romantic evenings. We highly recommend the 980 Series by Claremont – it is by far one of the best amazing hot tubs.

Amazing Hot Tubs Games to Play

Now we’ve got the tub itself out the way, the next question is what you should do in the tub!

A great choice is to enjoy a few romantic games. One fun one is to take an item that is clean but will sink and to take it in turns retrieving it from the bottom of the tub with your eyes closed. Drinking games are also perfect for the tub!

Kingston and Sundance Maxxus Hot Tub Features

If you’re looking for the best amazing hot tubs well then we’ve got them! Two of the best tubs in terms of features are the Kingston and the Sundance Maxxus. Check them out and we think you’ll be blown away at just how luxurious, comfortable and intimate they are.

Or why not get in touch and let us find the perfect hot tub for you and your partner? Here at All Florida Pool and Spa Center we know how to help you unwind!