There are Alternatives to Sanitizing and Oxidizing your Swimming Pool

Chlorine is popularly used in pools to sanitize and oxidize the water. However, chlorine has developed a bit of a bad reputation among pool enthusiasts. Often associated with burning eyes, bleach stained bathing suits, and itchy or dry skin, fear of chlorine causes many people to opt for swimming in oceans or lakes instead. Constantly checking chlorine levels and shocking the pool creates a headache for even the most seasoned of pool owners. Fortunately, for those pool owners who are tired of some of the negative components of chlorine, there are many new options available to help regulate your pool.
All Florida Pool and Spa carries a variety of alternatives for you to choose from if you are looking for a replacement for chlorine.  A salt chlorine generator offers a unique pool sanitation option for pool owners. It turns salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for pools and spas. Some benefits of using a salt chlorine generator include softer water and more consistent chlorine levels. The only thing this natural option requires you to do is open up a bag of iodine free salt and pour it into your pool.
Another popular option is an ozone purification system. If you are interested in using the same water purification system as an Olympic athlete, this may be the option for you. Ozone purification was used to regulate the water in the swimming pools of the Beijing Olympics. It has also been used to purify drinking water in Europe since the 1890’s, and many of the cities in the United States with the best drinking water use the same system. Ozone is a gas produced both in nature and by man, and is a thousand times more powerful in oxidizing water than chlorine. When killing water borne bacteria and viruses, ozone is the strongest agent known to man. An added bonus of an ozone purification system is that it can virtually eliminate the need to shock your pool.
Using both a salt generator and an ozone purification gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to have minimal chlorine production in your pool while increasing the quality of your pool water.  WE have many Dual systems installed in our own personal pools and many of our clients and they work great.

In short, stopping by All Florida Pool & Spa can save you many of the hassles associated with dealing with chlorine. If you look into alternative options, you can be spared the pain of burning eyes and itchy, dry skin. Bleach stained bathing suits can become a thing of your past if you choose a salt chlorine generator or an ozone purification system. Be sure to ask the experts at All Florida Pool and Spa how you can improve your swimming pool experience, and begin enjoying better water as soon as possible.