5 Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance in Miami

Hot tub maintenance is important. It will allow you to experience the full potential of its benefits and protect your investment. The hot tub experts at All Florida Pool & Spa specialize in maximizing the life of their client’s hot tubs. At their best, hot tubs can provide excellent hydrotherapy to make you feel relaxed, but it can be stressful when your hot tub starts falling apart due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Fortunately, you can leave hot tub maintenance in the hands of the hot tub experts at All Florida Pool & Spa. Our technicians will maintain your hot tub so it’s ready to provide fun and entertainment for the whole family. Our hot tub experts will closely examine your spa and address any problems that may prevent it from performing to its maximum potential.

Here are 5 tips that help ensure your hot tub is up and running without avoidable problems.

  1. Drain and Refill Tub & Scrub Surface:It’s always the healthy choice to drain the water in your hot tub every so often to keep sanitary for the users. Draining and refilling the tub will prevent the spread and growth of harmful bacteria as well as the buildup of any soap or detergent. In order to maintain the hot tubs “showroom finish”, routine maintenance of the water line acrylic is recommended and full polishing is performed along with the drain and clean maintenance technique recommended above.
  2. Check the Chemistry: There are a few easy at home chemical testing kits that are both easy to use and readily available. Check the tub frequently to maximize your comfort and enjoyment. Additionally, have a reliable local pool store Like ours at All Florida Pool & Spa where we offer free computer analysis of your spa water samples when you need expert advice or are coming in for supplies. Too much chemicals are uncomfortable and not enough can lead to health risks. Take the time to get training from our staff.
  3. Clean Filters: You should clean your filters monthly and if you notice they are worn or damaged, get them replaced. Cleaning filters in your hot tub will extend their useable lives.
  4. Keep It Covered:When your hot tub isn’t in use, always keep it covered. Excessive debris in the tub can alter water chemistry, clog up the filters or plumbing and cost you money on unnecessary heating consumption.
  5. Regulate Temperature:Most modern hot tubs are designed for both “standard” and “economy” operation. When the tub is in heavy use, use the standard setting so the tub responds to your set temperature for heat. The tub will run when it needs to in order to maintain the proper bathing temperature. In the off season, your spa should still run for proper filtration. However in the economy mode, you can program the run times to save you unnecessary utility fees.

Call us for any hot tub maintenance so you can enjoy your hot tub all year round!