5 Simple Tricks to a Clean, Inviting a Pool

Your swimming pool is the crown jewel of your backyard. There is something so madly alluring about a crystal blue pool surrounded by lush, green grass that will make any passerby stop in their tracks and want to take a refreshing swim. But in order to maintain that postcard-perfect look, it must be kept clean.  Pool cleaning in Miami can go a long way in making your backyard the place to be during a hot day and increase your pool’s lifespan for years of worry-free fun!

The pool service team at All Florida Pool & Spa is here to make that a reality, thanks to our comprehensive pool cleaning service that will keep your pool pristine. Our team works with the latest equipment and cleaning supplies to eliminate algae, maintain proper sanitizer and pH levels, vacuum the pool floor, and so much more. We’ve got the right mix of energy and expertise to clean your pool quickly and we’ll get it postcard-perfect. The only thing missing would be a nicely written “Wish You Were Here!”

5 Simple Tricks to a Worry-Free Pool

Our pool service team can provide great pool service. Not a single speck of dirt will go unnoticed.

  1. Skimming the Surface of Your Pool: If your pool is located near a wooded area, there is a good chance leaves and branches will soon find themselves adorning its surface. The best way to take care of this problem is regularly skimming the surface of the pool to remove any debris. Skimming the surface may not seem like a huge undertaking, but it’s one of those things that can mean all the difference in how people view your pool.
  2. Brushing & Vacuuming: If you allow algae and other filth to fester on your pool’s walls and surface, it can build up to the point of no return. Regularly brushing the walls and vacuuming not only makes your pool look better, but also helps extend its lifespan by years. It helps make your pool healthier and work better.
  3. Pool Filter Maintenance: A working pool filter keeps your pool clean. Regular pool filter maintenance from a professional can keep you from spending more money on filter repair & replacement.
  4. Proper Chemical Balance: Sometimes, the cleanliness of your pool will come down to the things that aren’t immediately visible to the human eye, such as chemicals. Your pool may look great, but it needs a healthy chemical balance to keep it safe for all swimmers. A professional can conduct chemical testing to ensure your pool water has the right balance of chemicals that won’t put the well-being of swimmers at risk.
  5. Directional Fittings and Weir Doors: Your pool’s directional fittings, also known referred to as “eyeballs” can be found on the walls of your pool. Their main job is to “direct” surface debris into the pool’s skimmer. The weir door, commonly referred to as the “flap inside the opening on the side of the pool,” is what creates the “draw,” causing the surface debris to flow into the skimmer opening. Without a functioning weir, leaves and other debris will float past the skimmer remain on the surface.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today if you need pool cleaning in Miami that will ensure you and your family are able to have quality, clean poolside fun.