5 Common Signs You Need Pool Repair in Miami

Let’s face it: your pool will eventually begin to see some wear and tear eventually. The surface will begin to crack, water levels will deplete, and algae will soon begin claiming residency everywhere. Pretty soon, your pool can go from the designated party spot to the biggest health and safety hazard on the block! Worse, you may seem your home value sink due to a faulty pool. Yes, that’s right: a lack of pool repair can be the thing preventing your pool from becoming a positive investment on the market!

If you’re looking for pool repair in Miami, All Florida Pool & Spa should be your first choice for comprehensive repair service. While there are certainly many things you can do to ensure your pool is safe and ready to use, you’ll need swimming pool repair from a professional that will keep your swimming pool woes down to a minimum. Fortunately, a licensed pool expert at All Florida Pool & Spa can carefully inspect all areas of your pool and make quick repairs accordingly.

When Should You Call All Florida Pool & Spa?

In case you’re unsure whether your pool needs here are 5 of the most common indicators that repair is needed:

  1. Excessive Debris: If you go without repair long enough, your pool may soon resemble a forest with twigs and leaves floating on the surface. This debris will clogs filters make filters work even harder, thus decreasing their lifespan. Call for repair so it can be removed and have your filter restored.
  2. Pool Leaks: Are you noticing your pool’s water level sinking to all-time lows for seemingly no reason? Swimming pools can have leaks if plumbing is present, mainly in the walls and drainage system It can frustrating have to constantly add fresh water to your pool!
  3. Poorly Fit Equipment: Pumps and filters come in many sizes and it can be confusing trying to find the right one for your pool. Many of your pool’s issues may stem from installing the wrong sized equipment. For example, small filters on a large unscreened pool can lead to some trouble.
    A professional can help you determine what sized equipment is right for you.
  4. Cracked Pool Surface: Swimming in a pool with a cracked surface can be incredibly unsafe, especially if parts of surfacing are beginning to float about in the pool. This is usually a sign of aging, and resurfacing may be needed. A professional can resurface your pool so it’s smooth and safe to use.
  5. Lower Water Quality: Have you noticed your pool change from a crystal blue to a murky green? Green water is generally a sign of algae and other bacteria in the water. It may also be indicative of filter problems.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today if you need pool repair in Miami, especially if you’re noticing these signs!