4 Signs There’s Something Wrong with Your Pool

When the temperature outside starts to climb, many people enjoy cooling off in their swimming pools. But walking out to the pool, only to find that something doesn’t look right is a frustrating experience. These signs indicate a problem with your swimming pool.

Strange Color

If the pool water is anything other than blue, it’s a clear sign that something is awry. Green water can indicate algae growth, which often happens when the filter or pump is broken, while brown water might indicate a more serious problem. When your pool is surrounding by large trees or bushes, these plants might drop debris into the pool, which can clog the filter and cause it to stop working properly.

Freezing Cold

When you have a heated pool, a sudden drop in temperature can indicate a problem with the thermometer or heating device. If it’s extra hot outside, this might not be too big of a problem since the cold water could feel refreshing, but it’s best to bring in a pool technician to take a closer look.

No Water Movement

A swimming pool hooked up to a pump typically has moving water at all times. Most pool pump manufacturers recommend turnover at least 1-2 times per day, which means your pump is working hard to keep the water filtered and flowing. If the water is stagnant, the pump isn’t able to move it through the filter, which could result in algae growth or other issues in the pool.

Buildup of Debris

If you’re noticing a lot more stuff floating in your swimming pool, check out the filter to see if it’s clogged. You might also have a clog in the main drain, which allows water to move through to the pump.

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