3 Reasons Why It Is Time To Remodel Your Pool

Do you ever have that feeling when you go outside to relax by your pool, but all you can notice are the pools signs of aging? Maybe it is time to start thinking about what you can do to ease your frustration and recreate the pool of yours dreams. Below are a few ideas that should influence you to consider remodeling your pool, and give you the confidence that you will be making the right decision.

Energy Efficient
Pool ownership can be very costly, that is why when it comes to modernizing your pool installing new energy efficient systems can in the long run alleviate some of those costs. LED lighting is a great option to transform your outdated pool to a modern glamorous oasis. LED lighting can either be installed below water level or anywhere in the pool area. These lights really set the mood of your pool’s ambience.

New Features
Adding extra features to your pool is a great way to help the remodeling process. Whether you have limited funding or technology, landscaping around the pool is always something that can change without having to break the bank. If you have children or are looking for some more excitement, installing a water slide can insure some fun in the sun. Maybe you are someone who is looking for relaxation rather than excitement, consider upgrading your speaker system for the ultimate peaceful evening.

Waterline Tile
Updating the waterline tile is an instant way to give your pool a more contemporary style, if you are feeling ambitious complete this renovation by adding a deck or by doing a complete pool resurfacing for the full remodel.

Here at All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we can handle all your remodeling needs, whether it is a small cosmetic repair, or a total remodel. Our creative experts provide guidance every step of the way and we aim to deliver the highest quality, environmentally friendly solutions for your project.