3 New Sundance Spas Hot Tubs at All Florida Pool & Spa Center

A hot tub can provide more benefits than there are days in a month. Sundance Spas has been the #1 Hot Tub manufacturer since 1979. You can compare the different spa models at a glance, to find the ideal hot tub for you. Some of the top reasons Sundance Spas are preferred by so many include the advanced, energy-saving technology and the ability to enjoy sparkling clear water without high maintenance. Check out three new models below that we carry at All Florida Pool & Spa Center.

Two New 780 Series Hot Tubs

The Hanover is one of two new hot tubs in the 780 series. Six adults can comfortably enjoy the hot tub experience. A variety of massage combinations are placed in seats that are highly sculpted. New technology is mixed with old-fashioned insights. For example, there is a jetted buddy seat for two and also high and low impact massage combinations. The Accu-Pressure therapy seat is robust, providing ample back coverage as well as targeted neck relief. Muscle tension and joint pain can easily fade away. A deep immersion seat provides rifling and swirling jets that create an experience similar to a trigger point and deep tissue massage.

The Bristol is the second new hot tub in Sundance Spas’ 780 series, and it seats five adults. Your body is comfortably cradled, and a special spiral-action lounge seat is featured, which is exclusive to the series. Along the legs, there are adjustable Accu-pressure, deep tissue jets. There is also ample back coverage and targeted neck relief.

One New 680 Series Hot Tub

Prado is a new hot tub from Sundance Spas in the 680 series. The Prado comfortably seats five adults. It comes with a classic hydrotherapy experience with a plug-and-play option. It’s easy to install and power with a standard household outlet. This hot tub has 23 jets, to provide a therapeutic massage for everyone in the hot tub. It comes in 10 different shell colors and a choice of three different cabinet colors.

A Quick Run-down of Hot Tub Benefits3 New Sundance Spas Hot Tubs at All Florida Pool & Spa Center - 305-893-4036

Sundance Spas knows what hot tubs are all about and the benefits they can provide, which is abundantly demonstrated in every model they offer. Hot tubs truly are a health benefit, adding quality of life to users for a wide range of reasons. There are so many benefits to soaking in a hot tub, everyone should have one! The following are some of the many advantages you can enjoy from having a Sundance Spas hot tub:

  • Friendships can be formed and strengthened.
  • Everyone in the family can share in the fun together.
  • It’s healthy just to be outdoors in nature.
  • You have a handy way to pamper yourself every day.
  • Maintenance is easy, especially if you leave upkeep to the technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center.
  • A hot tub can be a place where romance can blossom.
  • Countless health and therapeutic benefits for ailments ranging from arthritis and rehabilitation from knee surgery to relief from athletic injuries.

Visit our showroom at All Florida Pool & Spa Center today and see for yourself why Sundance Spas are the preferred hot tubs.