20 Tips to Turn Your Backyard Into Paradise

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And, when you’re stuck at home, pretend you’re on vacation. That shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you own a pool or a hot tub.

Let’s face it: Everyone would rather be on vacation at the moment. But you can still bring the vacation to your very own backyard. Looking for some ideas? We thought of a bunch of different ways for you and your family to transform your outdoor space into your own private beach. Take a look!

Tidy Up

  • Seed and mow your lawn. Frequently. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Keep it short and well-watered for a nice, springy step under your bare toes.
  • Does your pool space feel a little too cluttered? Then clean up the storage space. Keep floats and other pool toys organized, and chemicals stored away from all other materials. 
  • Store your towels on a rack, or in a closet or cubby close to the pool entrance. Remember to keep it covered and dry!

Just Relax

  • Add a hammock to sway in the sun or catch some afternoon Z’s.
  • Pamper yourself! Turn your hot tub into a spa with some aromatherapy. We have several fragrances in stock. Just drop it in and experience bliss.
  • Add some soothing sonic ambiance. Windchimes are great. If you have a water feature, turn it on and listen to the water bubble and babble as you melt into your seat.
  • Put a cooler or drink tray on a pool float so you always have a cold beverage ready to go while you lounge away.
  • Sleep under the stars for a night. Take the kids out for some backyard camping and enjoy the cool evening air.

Steal Some Shade

  • Put up an umbrella, canopy, or triangular sail to your patio space.
  • If you have a pergola, add some climbing plants or vines to increase your shade coverage and give it a nice, rustic look. Honeysuckle, grapevines, and wisteria all grow well in the Florida sun.

Light it Up

  • String some track lighting or white holiday lights aside your fence or on some tall poles for a modern nighttime vibe.
  • Enjoy a good campfire? Install a fire pit on your patio area.
  • Add some floating, waterproof lights to your nighttime swim. They often come in multiple colors, too.

Pool Party!

  • Turn on the pool lights, add some color, and crank up some tunes. It’s that simple!
  • Get a healthy grill session going with some roasted veggies, or smoke a savory cut of meat for the whole family. Whatever your dietary decisions, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our stock of Green Mountain Grills and Big Green Egg BBQs.

Outside DIY

  • Take your morning coffee or afternoon snack outdoors with patio dining furniture.
  • Is your deck looking a little more blah every time you look at it? Perhaps it’s time to re-stain it with a more modern finish.
  • Singing in the shower? That’s fun. But singing in an outdoor shower … Now that’s a game-changer.
  • Missing the daily gym grind? Install some pull-up bars with some lumber, metal pipe, and some hardware.
  • Add a water feature to your pool. OK, so it’s not exactly do-it-yourself material, but pool renovations are our business! If you’re thinking about performing some more serious work to turn your backyard into a paradise, give us a call or send us a message!