Five New Year’s Resolutions for your Pool

It’s that time of the year to make a New Year’s Resolution. Many people from Miami and Miami Beach want to lose weight, make more money or learn how to play a musical instrument. But the reality is most of these goals are forgotten or given up for dead after a few weeks. It’s time to make a resolution that’s realistic and can benefit everyone in your house. Here are five resolutions every pool owner can make and maintain with just a little bit of effort and some help from the professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa.

Goal number one—make your pool greener. No, we’re not talking about changing the color of your water. It’s about making your pool more environmentally friendly. There are a variety of ways to improve your pool by going green. The benefits will not only save you money, but also make your family’s pool experience much more enjoyable. Add LED lighting to your pool area. It will dramatically improve your pool’s presentation and ambiance during the evenings and you’ll use 80 percent less energy. Variable speed pool pumps can also help you save more money on energy bill. By installing new cartridge pool filters, pool owners no longer have worry about wasted water from backwashing. Heat pumps and solar heaters will keep your pool warm and comfy during the cool months and use zero emissions. Too keep your pool running more efficiently, try using salt chlorine generators to reduce chlorine production.

Goal number two—make your pool cleaner. Don’t be lazy and let your pool decay. Believe it not, it doesn’t take as much effort to keep your swimming pool maintained as you think.  But it does require some effort. Take the time to trim the trees and bushes around your pool. It will prevent branches and leaves from falling into the water. If you have trouble keeping debris from blowing into your water, build or plant wind blocks.  All Florida Pool & Spa has a variety of pool cleaners that are designed to help keep your pool looking clean without having to do back-breaking work. Make sure you water circulation is optimized. This will make it easier to skim your pool for debris. Don’t forget to regularly change your filter. The cleaner your pool, the better it looks and that will provide more motivation to use and enjoy it all year long.

Goal number three—get leaner. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. There are few forms of exercise better than swimming. Use your pool to incorporate your own personal fitness routine. You can burn up to 500 calories in an hour by just swimming laps. Don’t forget the reasons you bought a pool in the first place.

Goal number four—be social. Your swimming pool can be a great place to entertain friends, family or just have a get-together. It’s a great way to not only see old friends, but also make new ones. There nothing more fun than a pool party or giving your guest a place to enjoy your patio and backyard.

Goal number five—stay safe.  If you have children or small animals, take the time to make sure your gates and doors are securely latched and locked. Build a small fence or enclosure to keep small children from accidently falling into the pool. Be proactive and teach your kids how to properly swim.

All of these resolutions are easy and attainable. But if you ever need help maintaining your goals, the professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa in North Miami have everything you need to make your pool experience the best.  Call today!