Water Features in Miami: 3 Luxurious Ideas For Your Swimming Pool

Trying to get away this summer? Don’t go any further than your own backyard! All Florida Pool & Spa has the resources you need to turn your basic swimming pool into the vacation oasis of your dreams! Their designers and pool experts are your ticket to this summer’s trending water features in Miami.

So go ahead, make the neighbors jealous!

Water Features That Will Make Your Pool Pop

When you’re ready to take your swimming pool to the next level, All Florida has just what you need—water features! This summer, trending water features include: waterfalls, rock gardens, and fountains. These water features are not highly sought after solely for their unique appearance but also for the serene outdoor atmosphere and nature-appreciative experience they provide.

Of course, lying next to a swimming pool can be relaxing. But what about the chlorine chemicals you have to smell and the hum of the water filter? Those things probably don’t remind you of a tropical paradise. This summer, relaxing outdoors is all about getting into nature: smelling fresh flowers, listening to running water, and inviting some wildlife to your backyard.

  • A water fountain or rock canyon adds ambience to your swimming oasis, no matter the size. You can truly relax next to this natural wonder while enjoying the tranquil sound. Water fountains can be built into your pool’s landscape or neighboring pond. A small pond with a fountain and lots of flora will bring water-loving friends to your oasis like frogs, dragonflies, various birds, and fish if you so desire.
  • Waterfalls can also be built into tiling for a mesmerizing effect. Tiling, patios, and archways are a key design tool for optimizing your outdoor space and creating a peaceful environment. Archways add lots of design potential, including a space for hanging lights and cultivating classic ivy growth.
  • Stone walkways are another great design tool for incorporating nature into your private oasis. Stone is soft for walking, and also pleasant in appearance because of its wide array of color.

If you’re ready to kick-start planning your private oasis, All Florida Pool can help you design the water features and landscape that is right for you and your pool.

So what are you waiting for? Call All Florida Pool & Spa today or stop by our pool and spa showroom in Miami!