The ABC’s of Hot Tubs in Miami

You’ll find out very quickly that spas have their own language. But don’t worry: you’re far from the first buyer to be confused!

Bromine, ozonator, acidity, skimmer, pull valves, uprate, and water jets are all terms that most consumers have never heard of — however, each is important to understand to make a good spa decision.

So let’s start by clarifying some potentially confusing terms you will hear while shopping for your spa.

The Vocabulary of Hot Tubs in Miami

  • GPM –Gallons of water per minute, which is a measurement of the amount of water a spa can pump per minute.
  • Uprated –The amount of horsepower given off during the start up, which lasts only for a couple of minutes.
  • Ozonator – A water care system that neutralizes water contaminants using ultraviolet rays.
  • Shell –The structural layer of the spa usually made out of a combination of acrylic, resin, and fiberglass.
  • Jetting –A system in which heated water surges through small water jets.  The jets create different swirling actions that deliver various massaging sensations.
  • Hydromassage –The water jet action that provides different massaging sensations depending on the type of spa jetting system.
  • Skimmer – Part of the filtration system that sucks in surface water where body lotion, hair spray, and body oils float.
  • Full Foam –The insulation process in which thick foam is sprayed to fill the entire air space between the spa shell and the cabinet.
  • Dead Air Space –The space between the spa shell and the cabinet that is left open and does not contain insulating foam.
  • Thermostatic Controls –Electronic controls that maintain the temperature of the spa at a preset level.
  • Wet Testing – Testing the spa before purchase by physically getting into demonstration model spas that are filled with water.
  • Plumbing –The lines that heated spa water circulates through.
  • Heater Element – The electrical element that provides heat to the water.
  • Spa Cover – The removable cover that provides heat insulation and weather protection.
  • Air Controls –Controls for adjusting the air flow to different jets.
  • Circulation Pump –A small pump that that moves water through the filters and ozone and heating systems.
  • Brominator –Disburses the chemical bromine in the spa water purification purposes.

If you want to learn more on hot tubs in Miami, please pick the phone and call All Florida Pool & Spa today. Our hot tub experts are always ready to educate customers on new terminology! And if you’re looking to learn more about hot tubs, pick up a copy of the Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide!