4 Swimming Pool Renovations: Features That Will Add Value to Your Home

Your swimming pool is a great source of enjoyment. It offers entertainment and relaxation, and it turns your backyard into your own private sanctuary. While you may enjoy your pool as it is, if you really want to maximize your enjoyment, you might want to consider doing some renovations. Deck jets, waterfalls, hot tub spillovers and swim-up bars are some of the swimming pool renovations that will take your pool to the next level and allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.


  • Deck Jets – If you want to transform the look of your pool in a subtle and understated way, yet make a serious impact, you are going to want to add deck jets. Of all of the swimming pool renovations available, this one is the least complex, yet creates a powerful impression. Deck jets shoot streams of water from the deck into the pool, creating a captivating display that will give your swimming pool a truly luxurious look. To get the most out of deck jets, consider installing laminar jets, which create a solid stream of water. Adding fiber-optics will illuminate the streams of water, making a truly incredible statement


  • Hot Tub Spillovers Alone, a swimming pool and a hot tub are incredible features in a backyard; but together, they can transform a backyard into an oasis. Instead of letting these two features stand alone, turn them into one incredible element with a hot tub spillover. With this pool renovation, the warm water from the hot tub will seamlessly flow into the swimming pool, which enhances the beauty of each feature and turns them into dynamic elements in your backyard.


  • WaterfallsOne of the most dramatic of all swimming pool renovations is a waterfall. A waterfall will add interest and drama to your swimming pool, making your backyard truly look like a resort. Whether you choose to have a waterfall constructed of natural stones that are procured from your surrounding area, or you have it designed with artificial stones that are made to replicate natural stones, you can be sure that you will add interest and drama to your swimming pool with this feature. A pool waterfall is the perfect addition to any type of pool; lagoon-style, free-form, oval or rectangle. No matter what type of pool you have, a waterfall will dress it up and take it to the next level of incredible.


  • Swim-Up BarsNothing says resort more than a swimming pool that features a swim-up bar. You and your guests will be able to enjoy refreshing cocktails without ever having to step foot outside of the pool. If you really want to make the most of your swim-up bar, consider having intricate designs incorporated into the tiles, getting dramatic lighting fixtures installed overhead, and installing color-changing LED lights underneath the bar and around the stools.


Whether you add one of these elements to your swimming pool or all of them, you will truly have a piece of paradise in your own backyard. The swimming pool renovations experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center offer pool remodeling services that start with your vision through to the completed product. Contact us today to get a quote from the professional pool renovation and remodeling experts.