Smart Swimming Pool Leak Repair Tips

 A swimming pool owner is faced with many problems such as structural leaks, drain clogs, skimmer malfunctions to name a few but swimming pool leak repair can be problem in addition to the others that are encountered. Fortunately for the swimming pool owners, the swimming pool leak repair can be accomplished with moderate effort and still leave time to enjoy the benefits of swimming pool ownership. Depending on the cause of the leak, there are several solutions that are available.

Swimming Pool Leak Causes

The most common swimming pool leak repair is centered on the loss of water. The loss of water is the most prevalent reason for the leak to form in the first place. This can happen from a draining of the pool in an effort to clean it or just low water levels in a drought period or lack of maintenance in the case of a home sale etc.

Another cause of a swimming pool leak may be a faulty filter multiport valve. This would cause the loss of clean water down the waste or backwash line into the sewer.  The plumbing problems add another layer of complexity to the cause of the leak.

Swimming Pool Leak Repair

According to the New York Times, swimming pool leak repair should be handled by a professional. The leak that is detected to be in the plumbing system will require some specialized equipment to locate the particular place of the leak. The faulty plumbing equipment will be most often the cause of the leak that requires a plumber or professional to repair it.

In order to determine the source of the leak an evaporation test can be done to help determine the cause of the leak, a bucket can be filled with water and the amount of evaporation over several days measured. The water level of the pool is marked at the same time and the water level change mark is measured in both. If the pool is losing water at about the same rate, then there is probably not a leak as water loss from evaporation is a normal process.

Leak Detection Products

Swimming pool leak repair can sometimes be hard to determine even though having done the evaporation comparison test shows that there is a leak. There are some products that are available to help the swimming pool owner in determining the natural evaporation loss from the actual loss from a leak and further to determine where the leak occurs.

The swimming pool owner can do the evaporation test to detect first if the pool is having a leak, then if it is determined that it is the quest to locate and repair the leak begins with some other simple tests. First it is necessary to determine if the leak is more prevalent when the filter and plumbing are running. This indicates that the leak is in the plumbing and not in the liner.

Leak Prevention Tips

The most common leak occurs from a whole in the liner due to water loss. A low water level will cause the liner to stretch and therefore be prone to tear. Maintaining a proper water level will prevent this most common cause of leaks.