Selecting the Right Jet Structure for a Spa in Miami

One of the primary reasons to purchase a spa in Miami is hydrotherapy.  Hydrotherapy is a combination of buoyancy, heat, and massage to rejuvenate your muscles and relieve stress. Different water jets deliver different hydrotherapeutic benefits.

The shape or type of jet and the position of the jet determine the type of hydrotherapy you’ll receive.  You need to get this right, because jetting is what spas are all about!

If you have upper back pain and the spa you buy doesn’t have a jet structure that helps you with that particular problem, then there’s just no use in having that spa.  Also, if the jet structure isn’t flexible enough to adapt to the type of massage you want, you’ll always receive the same old massage over and over again.

What Type of Spa in Miami is Right for You?

There’s more to water jets than meets the eye. Different jets are engineered differently to give you a unique and different massage sensation. Here are some of the many types:

Directional jets – A direct, non-rotating water stream, which is the most basic of all jets.

Rotating jets – Supplies a rotating water action, which is often the most preferable massage because it imitates the type of massage you might get from a human massage therapist.

Waving jets – Provides a waving sensation either back and forth or up and down.

Whirlpool jets – Large jets that swirl the water around the entire spa which provide an indirect massaging sensation.

Air jets – Jets emit air down around your legs and your lower back that create a soft tissue massage.

Pulsating jets – Provides a gentle pulsating massage.

Neck Jets – Neck jets can be wonderfully soothing therapy for you if you experience neck aches or even headaches from time to time.  Most manufacturers have designed neck jets into their spas. Neck jets that sit above the water are very noisy and tend to splash a lot of water making a mess in and around your spa.  In addition, if you have a member of your family who is somewhat short, the above water neck jets will be shooting down on their ears or the side of their face, which defeats the purpose of having neck jets.

Foot Jets –You only need one good foot massage to know that it’s one of the best areas of the body to reduce tension.  Why?  Because all your nerves end in your feet! Different parts of the foot affect different areas of the body.  In fact, some types of lower back pain can be treated through good foot massage! Many of the lower-end spas lack foot jets that provide foot massaging.  Do the right thing for your body by finding a spa with this feature

Seating – Seating is a big factor in your quest for the right hydrotherapeutic massage.  The seats in your spa should have lumbar support so that you don’t have to slouch down like you do in your bathtub.  The water should at least touch your shoulders — if it doesn’t you’ll never get the hydrotherapy benefits you’re looking for.

Aromatherapy – A relatively new option in some spas is the option to have a light fragrance injected into the air jets that provide different sensations.  Some aromas provide a relaxing and calming mood while other provide a more invigorating experience.

Noise – Although noise has nothing to do with the jet structure, it has everything to do with your overall spa experience.  The pumps are a big cause of spa noise.  You’ll find that these spas can become quite annoying when trying to speak to your partner or anyone else for that matter. This is where seeing the spa in operation before you buy becomes important.

Unsure what type of jet structure for your spa in Miami is right for you? Then please call All Florida Pool & Spa today and we can help you land the perfect one for you! And if you want to learn more, pick up a copy of the Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide!