Revitalize Your Backyard with Pool Resurfacing in Miami

You know that sinking feeling you get when you look at your backyard jewel and notice that its sparkle has started to fade? Well, now there’s no need to despair: you can restore your pool to its’ former luster with pool resurfacing in Miami!

Why Every Pool Owner Should Consider Resurfacing

No matter how well you maintain your pool, sooner or later, it’s going to need resurfacing. Over time, the surface gets beaten down, faded and even cracked. It’s not a lack of care: it’s simply normal wear and tear that every pool will suffer over the course of several years.

However, it’s good to know that you don’t have to resort to replacing your pool to get your investment looking and performing as well as it did when you first had it installed. Compare it to having the body work on your car redone: it’s a necessity to keep your property in great shape.

What Happens During Pool Resurfacing?

Basically, your pool is going to get a complete makeover! First, all of the damaged surface material is removed from the empty pool. Then any cracks are filled, reinforced, sealed and sanded down. And this next part is where the magic happens: up to three coats of high quality fiberglass in your preferred texture and color are applied! Finally, the surface is acid washed to make it absolutely pristine.

As a result, your pool will look as good as new—plus, it will be just as strong, if not stronger, than ever before. You don’t need to worry about algae growth or chemical wear and tear: all you have to do is enjoy your newly resurfaced pool with your family and friends!

Call All Florida Pool and Spa: The Pool Resurfacing Experts

To make sure you get the best possible resurfacing service, call All Florida Pool and Spa. We’re the number one pool resurfacing service in the Miami area and have almost 45 years of experiencing restoring our customers’ pools. So don’t let your old, worn pool get you down: call All Florida Pool and Spa today!