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Pat LockePat Locke
22:24 07 Apr 22
Worst pool company in ever had. They took over my account from Mike O'Brien. I had them for 3 years and nothing but headaches. They wouldn't show up every week and had to call them. Constantly changing pool techs which I feel were never really trained properly. My last straw with them was this March 2022. I was out of town for 3 weeks and I believe they might have showed up the first week because my daughter was at the house 1 week after I left and said pool looked good. When I arrived home my pool was green as the grass (see pictures). They told me they were out on March 26. I arrived home on March 28 and the attached pictures were what my pool looked like. It would not look like that if they had properly taken care of the pool 2 days before I came home. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY unless you want major headaches.
Alex SeptoffAlex Septoff
22:24 25 Mar 22
5 star weekly service 0 star communication. My technician is great, but nobody else seams to want to help
minerva jassominerva jasso
13:28 15 Mar 22
They promise to come once a week and they skip some weeks. The manager is never at work. The receptionist are always apologizing and being nice that’s why I gave them 2 stars. Find a better company to take care of your pool.
Natasha DNatasha D
21:59 01 Mar 22
Would not recommend this company! I received a quote from them with a proposed contract stating their services could not be completed without my signed consent. I responded to the quote within 24 hours clearly stating I was not interested in receiving any services, went with another company instead to have my pool filter replaced. They still went ahead and had one of their technicians come out to my property without my consent, and replaced my pool filter ( that was already replaced days prior). Now billing me for services I did not authorize, nor sign consent for. They have prior complaints on BBB for completing services without consent and then billing customer after. They are unethical and contradictory to their own contracts. Manager actually told me on the phone he does not need my consent to replace a filter on my property.
Penny AlexanderPenny Alexander
13:09 18 Dec 21
Very professional and efficient.Gets right down to business and repairs very fast.That's because they obviously know their work and have been trained properly.Respective
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