Resurfacing an Old Pool Can Improve Your Backyard and Increase your Backyard Enjoyment!

Does the pool in your backyard look dated or unappealing? A makeover may be in order, and the pool renovation experts at All Florida Pool and Spa are just the people to help you. Deciding to modernize or update your swimming pool is a big decision, and investing a lot of time and money into renovations means you are going to want the end results to be perfect. Consulting a professional will give you some ideas for where to start when creating a wonderful new outdoor space where you can relax and swim.

There are several options to choose from once you decide upon a pool and spa renovation. You can decide to renovate the pool itself, or make changes to the surrounding area itself. When renovating the actual pool itself, you can choose to resurface or add new tile or coping. Resurfacing is a practical choice, as it extends the life of your pool. Choosing new tile is a more aesthetic choice, and new glass or mosaic tiles give your pool a whole new look and mood. Coping creates a dramatic difference between the edge of the water and the beginning of your decking.

If you like the overall look of your pool and are looking to add to it, a hot tub or water feature may be the way to go. Installing a hot tub becomes an easy process with the help of All Florida Pool and Spa. We can make an inground Sundance Spa look like part of your original pool design. Water features like a waterfall or fountain are easy ways to take the visual appeal of your pool to the next level. A beautiful new water feature provides an interesting focal point, and the sound of the running water is calming and soothing. A new LED lighting system can also prove visually appealing, varying from calming to stimulating depending on your choice of color.

Updating your pool’s surroundings can also add to the overall look of your pool area. If your tiling, lighting, and water fixtures are all to your liking, perhaps it is time to consider renovating your deck or patio. All Florida Pool and Spa can help you choose from a selection of decking options, including tumbled marble and pavers, to make sure you compliment the tile and finish of your pool. A new deck can also help create continuity between your outdoor living area and your pool. When it comes to outdoor living areas, adding an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or media system instantly updates the look and feel.

Pool renovations do not have to be done all at once. Investing in the look of your swimming pool can be done gradually for a more cost-effective renovation process. Consulting with a pool renovations expert at All Florida Pool and Spa guarantees you will benefit from sound advice and get the most bang for your buck. All Florida Pool and Spa has been renovating and updating pools for over 40 years, and delights in creating backyard pool areas for families to enjoy.