Renovate Your Pool for a Fresh New Look

The New Year is here and it may be time to give your pool a brand new look.  Over the course of time, your pool will eventually show signs of age with cracks and stains. Your family may have outgrown your pool or you may have moved into a house with an abandoned pool. Not all New Year’s resolutions are easy to attain. But if you’re a pool owner, it’s time to call the pool renovation experts at All Florida Pool & Spa to give your backyard jewel a fresh new makeover.

There are several ways to improve the beauty of your pool. Each year, new pool accessories and products are made available to make your renovation project easier and more innovative.  Before starting your project, discuss your renovation plans with a pool expert.  They can create a renovation plan based on the structure of your pool and its limitations.

One of the best ways to spruce up your pool is to add water features. Nothing creates a more soothing ambiance than a cascading waterfall. It’s not only pleasing to the eye, it also provides a tranquil sound to your backyard. Water fountains are also a popular water feature as well as the addition of a hot tub in Miami. The addition of water features makes a bold statement and is guaranteed to impress any guest to your home.

Renovation projects don’t need to be extravagant. Sometimes subtle changes can make a significant difference in the presentation of your pool. One idea is to add LED lighting to your pool area. A new lighting system can illuminate your pool at night and create a distinct atmosphere. By using different colors, you can transform your pool from a romantic setting to a festive atmosphere during parties.

If you’re in the budget for a more dramatic change, many pool owners are opting to reshape their pool. One of the biggest trends in pool restoration projects is to go with an irregular shape. The shape of your pool can be altered depending on the plumbing and landscape limitations. After selecting a shape, add a finish to your pool with new tiles or different colors and textures.

There are many things to think about during a renovation project. But one of the newest trends is going green. More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious in their lifestyles, whether it’s driving a hybrid car or using solar power in your home. Renovating your pool is no different. Automatic chemical dispensers are now available on the market. There are now energy efficient heating and lighting systems available as well. By adding these systems, pool owners can save money on their energy bill.

The experts at All Florida Pool & Spa have the necessary equipment and experience to help make your pool renovation project a reality.  It’s always important for your pool to look good. But renovating it can also save you money on energy costs in the long run. All Florida Pool & Spa has been helping pool owners throughout Miami, Miami Beach and South Florida keep their backyards modernized for more than 40 years.  Whether you’re looking to create your own backyard resort or just want to a nice area to relax with your family, All Florida Pool & Spa can help with all your pool service needs.