Protect Your Hot Tub Warranty By Avoiding Saltwater Chlorinators

Protecting your hot tub warranty is important because it gives you the chance to protect your investment and make sure you get your money’s worth. One way to void your warranty is by installing a saltwater chlorinator. Saltwater chlorinators are more expensive, have a higher risk of corrosion, and the water must remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Using spa chlorine (sodium dichlor) and the new technologies can be more beneficial because they kill bacteria and viruses, make the hot tub more comfortable to use, and do not risk damaging equipment and voiding your warranty.

Killing Bacteria and Viruses

Killing bacteria within a hot tub can be accomplished by using a UV light sanitizer. Using this method of killing bacteria and viruses will not reduce your warranty as a saltwater chlorinator will. The technology in the UV light sanitizer is used to sterilize bacteria so that it cannot reproduce. Water treatment facilities, as well as hospitals, use this same UV light sanitizer. Even the air conditioners in our homes use this same technology to kill bacteria. Another way to kill bacteria in your hot tub is by using ozone. Ozone is an oxygen molecule that combines with the organics in the water and burns the bacteria away. Ozone will also not reduce your warranty.

Comfortable Use

Saltwater chlorinators use a special “cell” to generate elemental oxygen, chlorine, and other powerful cleaners and oxidizers. Too much of these cleaners and oxidizers, will react to your skin and cause itchiness and irritation. Just like with traditional chlorine, too much exposure is harmful to your skin.

Protect Your Warranty and Equipment

If you look at just one saltwater chlorinator’s manual, it will include 167 different warnings, procedures, and descriptions. This means it takes a huge amount of work to maintain the saltwater system. With a system so precise and difficult to maintain, it is easy for something to damage or break unknowingly. By damaging equipment, this will usually void your warranty causing you to pay out-of-pocket for fixes and replacement parts.

There are a few benefits to saltwater chlorinators in a hot tub, such as softer water and no unpleasant odors. However, is it worth risking your warranty and peace of mind? Always check with your hot tub dealer to ensure what your warranty covers and does cover. This way, you won’t be surprised if something were to happen to your hot tub investment.