Pool and Spa Lighting

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There is nothing more inviting than the colorful and attractive lighting in your pool or spa. Companies that install spa lighting  must provide great ascetics, along with safety features to ensure there are no dangerous elements of your spa lighting. Spa lighting can make your time in the spa almost magical and can even have the relaxing effect you receive from candles. Let’s explore the different spa lighting available for spas and keep in mind the installation of such lighting must absolutely be done by a professional..

Pool and Spa Lighting Ideas

Floating pool lights can add adventurous colors and designs to your pool or spa. When used in combination of in-pool lighting, the excitement of the lights’ colors dancing around the water is enjoyable for swimmers of all ages. Floating lights can be solar powered and charged during the day even under cloudy conditions. They will give you extended nighttime hours of entertainment and enjoyment through the bright colors and illuminating patterns.

Lighting that changes color in a systematic way will also enhance your spa’s lighting system. You can chose time delays or ongoing light changing patterns that appeal to your desire. Your pool and spa lighting system can be on an automated timer, welcoming the night’s darkness with color and joy.

Swimming Pool Light Fixture Repair Solutions

When choosing a spa lighting company, make sure you are dealing with licensed technicians who are knowledgeable of codes and laws set forth to protect consumers. The expertise of a lighting technician is crucial to the safety of everyone that will use your swimming pool or spa.

ItelliBrite LED Technology

Automated color-changing pool and spa LED lights are the wave of the future, and All Florida Pool & Spa Center is proud to offer the latest in IntelliBrite technology at our showroom.

Offering increased energy efficiency, superior lifetime value and unmatched flexibility, IntelliBrite products are some of the most popular swimming pool lights on the market.

  • 50% less energy consumption than standard underwater pool/spa lights
  • 5 different colors to create the perfect mood for the evening – blue, green, magenta, white, and red
  • Select from 7 popular “color shows” that come pre-programmed into IntelliBrite.

If you have faulty underwater lights or old electrical wiring, safety issues can arise. If you don’t repair the light of your pool, it can cause water leakage. The water leakage can reach the light circuit causing an electrical current to enter the area of your swimming pool or spa. Therefore your lighting should be watertight for preventing shock hazards.

Delivering Exceptional Lighting Repair Services

The company specializing in spa lighting must be able to stand up to the great responsibility when repairing lighting in swimming pools and spas. The safety and well-being of the consumers is of utmost importance when providing this service. All Florida Pool & Spa Center can live up to and exceed their customer’s expectations when repairing pool and spa lighting systems.

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