Prevent Drowning with these Pool Safety Devices

Owning a backyard pool is a dream come true if you have a family. No crowded municipal pools, no herding the kids into the car and driving back and forth — if you want to go swimming, you can do so any time. But with the convenience of a backyard swimming pool comes serious responsibility. Of all the children between 1 and 4 who died in 2016, 33% of them drowned — many of them in a backyard swimming pool. The right pool safety devices could save your child’s life, or even the life of an intoxicated or incapacitated adult.

Pool Fencing

Pool fencing provides an important first line of defense, creating a physical barrier that keeps unattended children away from the water. You can find sturdy fencing in a variety of materials that complement your backyard’s aesthetics. Whichever material you choose, it is important that children can’t climb over the fence, access and open the gate easily, or move underneath or through the barrier. Secure locking systems are a must-have, and any damage to the fencing should be repaired immediately.

Lifeguard Buoy

Lifeguard buoys are pool safety devices that provide floatation, giving some support to a drowning victim’s body weight to make it easier for another person to remove them from the water. They’re made of vinyl and are strong and buoyant enough to support both the rescuer and one or more adult victims. It’s definitely advisable that you own at least one lifeguard buoy if you have a backyard pool.

In-Ground Pool Alarms

In-ground pool alarms are equipped with sensors. If anything sizeable enough like a child or a pet falls into the water, the alarm goes off. Some are mounted on buoys, floating in the water and alerting you if the surface of the water moves. Others install at the side of the pool, and since when someone breaks the surface of the water. For best results, you can pair your in-ground pool alarm with a gate alarm on the pool fence.

Life Vests

Very young children should always wear life vests in and around your backyard pool, especially before they learn to swim. While you should always start young with swimming lessons, as it’s much easier to learn during early childhood development than as an adult, toddlers and preschoolers should still be fitted with a proper life jacket. They still need to be under close supervision, but it’s a line of defense against tragic accidents. Type II life jackets offer much-needed head and neck support, making them ideal for infants and toddlers. For older preschoolers, a type III life vest is less restrictive, helping them learn to move through the water on their own. However, they are still designed to make sure the child’s head stays above water.

Pool safety devices like fences, alarms, life vests, and lifeguard buoys can become the difference between life and death. At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we carry a wide selection of safety equipment to help keep your family safe as you enjoy your backyard swimming pool.