Why is My Pool Water Green?

What color is water? Clear is the usual answer, but for those living in and around Miami, FL, pool water has an unfortunate tendency to turn green. Any pool care expert will tell you that keeping pool water clean is a full time job. Any standing body of water will collect bacteria and algae over time, but dirty water in a pool is far more noticeable when the water should be crystal clear. Like with any cleaning job, the longer you let something sit, the longer and more work it will take to clean. Forget about your pool for a few weeks and you could find yourself with a giant scummy mess on your hands. When that happens, it’s helpful to give the pool cleaning experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center a call a soon as possible. The pool maintenance technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center have decades of experience cleaning even the most neglected pools in Miami.

There are numerous steps when it comes to cleaning a pool that’s fallen into disarray. Obviously the first step is to clear the water of all major debris like leaves, sticks etc. Once all the visible debris is cleared away get the pool in balance, pH and alkalinity then you can perform a vital process known as “shocking” your pool. Shocking a pool is the process of adding chlorine or other chemicals to a pool in order to destroy bacteria and algae build-up. Shocking the pool can raise the level of chlorine to ten times the average level. It’s important to wait for the chlorine level to go down, approximately 24 hours, before swimming in the pool. For extremely dirty pools, it may take multiple shock treatments to get the water back to clean and clear. Shocking a pool is good practice for pool owners who want to make sure their pool is in tip top shape. Shocking a pool at least once a month regardless of how green the water looks is a great way to keep your pool water looking great all the time.

When it comes to high-quality pool cleaning and maintenance service in Miami, nobody beats the dedicated pool technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center. Our pool cleaning department is proficient and educated and can fix your pool without any trouble at all. Call us today at (305) 893-4036 for a free pool or spa cleaning estimate. All Florida Pool & Spa is a full service pool company owned and operated by the same family for over 40 years. With 50 trucks and 70 employees, All Florida Pool & Spa has all the tools and expertise to keep your pool in top shape. Trust your pool and spa in Miami to the pros at All Florida Pool & Spa!