Pool/ Spa Automation…Make Your Pool & Spa More Enjoyable


It is 2010; new technology’s has been making our lives easier and faster in almost all facets of our daily lives. Our cars talk to us, telling us how to get to our destination, our television remotes, allow us to turn channels without getting up out of our comfortable recliner, our cell phones instant communicators voice or text basically our mini computers with internet access. This new technology has also satisfied our desires for immediate satisfaction as it relates to our backyard cement pond, our backyard refuge from the day-to-day grind.

There are several manufactures of automation equipment in the market and they each have the ability to control your pool’s functions. It will control the pool pump allowing it to operate the required hours in the day. It will also control all the other functions of the pool the like the temperature, the pool lights, the spa lights, the chlorine salt generator, the motorized valves for the spa, and the landscape lights. Basically you can control all the pool / spa functions ever you want, provided the controller is sized properly, at the touch of a button.

You can eliminate the following nightmare; it’s dark outside, all you want to do is unwind from the day. You decide to enjoy your hot tub for a while, let the warm water relax you then perhaps cool down in the pool.  But first you have to find a flashlight to walk in the dark to find your pool equipment. Once your there you have to remember which valves you need to turn to isolate the hot tub, turn on the pump at the mechanical time clock, turn on the lights in the spa, and turn on the heater. Now you have to go back inside and wait for the water temperature to rise to your preferred temperature. After several trips to stick your hand in the water to see, ’Is it ready yet’, you get tired of waiting and decide to forget the whole thing.

Since the pool is not automated, many wrong things could have happened. Here is an example: Turn the wrong valves and you drained the spa into the pool, once the spa drained completely the pump motor runs dry – possibly damaging the pump seals then allowing water to enter into the bearings and causing a near future replacement. This scenario can only get worse- if the flow switch in the heater fails -the heater will continue to run without water.  This can cause a melt down /fire in your gas heater.

This is what CAN happen.

Had a great day at work, going out to dinner with the family and decide to get in the hot tub when we get home.  This is what we do… Dial up the pool using the cell phone- via several of the apps available.  Go to spa mode and set the temperature to what ever you want and enjoy your evening. Simple.


You can preset the pool to go to spa mode at 8:30pm and have the heater come on and have the temperature go to 100 degrees. Turn on the pool lights, the spa lights and the match the landscape light to create your own paradise. Pull into your driveway, get changed and enjoy the rest of the evening in your spa.

This technology, with the right options, allows you to monitor your yard over your I Phone thousands of miles away. Plus there are other modules available that allows the pool equipment to sync with other home automation devices.

In the beginning stages of trying to decide what is best for you; simply write down on a piece of paper all the functions you want or have to control.

Ex. Pump, Heater, lights, landscape lights, blower, fountains or any other electrical powered device.

Then how you want to control it.

Wireless, control panel inside your home, a spa side remote, I Phone capable.

With this information All Florida Pool and Spa Center can design the system that best fulfill your needs.