3 Amazing Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

When you’re looking for a reliable pool pump, you need to have the need for speed. Variable speed, that is. All Florida Pool & Spa is your number-one destination for pool service in Miami providing variable speed pool pumps that will keep your pool clean, clear, and cost-efficient. We have been supplying residents across South Florida with variable speed pool pumps for over 30 years and with the demand for them growing, we hope to continue that tradition for many years ahead.

A variable speed pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool. In fact, we’d go so far to even say that a variable speed pool pump is the one thing that keeps your pool the go-to place for family entertainment. Compared to single and two speed pool pumps, variable speed pool pumps are incredibly energy-efficient and can provide you with several benefits that make your life so much more convenient. It’s your one-way ticket to more poolside fun and a better peace of mind.

How Can a Variable Speed Pool Pump Help You?

A variable speed pool pump works simply. It will pull water from the pool, passes it through a filter and strainer, and returns the water to the pool. But beyond its quick, easy method of operation, a variable speed pool pump can provide you with plenty of great things, including:

  1. Great Money Savings: You shouldn’t have to put a massive dent in your savings just to have a working pump for your pool. Fortunately, Variable speed pool pumps will keep operation costs to as low as $65, and you certainly won’t have to spend nearly as much on your annual energy bills. They are 90% more efficient than your average one speed pump, so you’re guaranteed to keep some cash in your pocket.
  2. Longer Circulation: One of the coolest features to variable speed pool pumps is their ability to allow you to dial in a specific flow rate you want for your pool, meaning these pumps can technically run 24 hours if you make the circulation slow enough. Longer circulation of pool water results in a pool that stay cleaner for longer period of time, lowering the time and money you would otherwise spend on regular pool cleaning.
  3. A Cleaner, Healthier Pool: A variable speed pool pump will make your pool more accessible for all swimmers. Since longer circulation results in a cleaner pool, you will worry less about any contaminants affecting your pool’s water quality. You will see crystal clear water in your pool year-round, which will make it all the more alluring to swimmers looking to make a splash.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today if you want to learn more from our pool service in Miami on how a variable speed pool pump can help you. We will gladly install one for your pool at any time.