Pool Service in North Miami: 3 Ways to Detect Leaks

One of the main features of our pool service in North Miami is leak detection and repair. While you may think a tiny crack or leak won’t bring too much harm to your pool, it can lead to some serious consequences. The longer you go without detecting leaks, the worse it becomes for the overall state of your pool. A single leak in your pool can cost you plenty of money and make your pool a little less swimmable for everyone in your household. Your lagoon-like pool may turn into a barren pit if leaks are not treated quickly!

Fortunately, All Florida Pool & Spa can help you detect leaks thanks to our pool service in North Miami.  We’d hate to see you lose plenty of pool water due to one lousy leak, which is why our pool experts take the preventive measures to avoid it. We can carefully examine your pool and detect even the smallest leaks on your pool’s service. We’ll also apply different methods in making sure detected leaks are fixed and all of your pool water remains intact.

3 Ways to Detect Leaks in Your North Miami Swimming Pool

While calling up professional service is ideal for leak detection, there are ways you can take matters in your own hands and detect leaks on your own. Here are 3 ways you can detect leaks without calling up an expert:

  1. Water Around the Pool: Are you noticing more and more water around your pool than actually inside of it? Then it may be a sign that there may be a leak or two in your pool. While it’s common to send water out of the pool due to splashing, it’s definitely means for concern when you see more water around your pool that’s not from the typical cannonball. Check for wet spots in grass or soil surrounding the pool as well as any eroded surrounding area.
  2. Surface Damage: Take a good look at the walls, steps, and surface of your pool to spot any cracks or leaks. This is the most obvious way to detect leaks, as extensive physical damage in your pool is certainly more than enough reason to call for pool service in Miami. Resurfacing service may be needed in addition to leaks and cracks.
  3. Measure Water Level: Water levels do naturally tend to decrease in your pool over time for a wide variety of reasons. However, if your water level is beginning to decrease at a faster pace than normal, then it’s important to measure the water level. If you’re noticing it decreasing at a pace that’s concerning, you may want to call up a professional for service.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today for pool service in North Miami, especially if you need leak detection and repair to maintain your pool’s water level!