Pool Renovations in Miami: 3 Signs You Need Pool Resurfacing

After years of intense water pressure, super chlorination, and numerous swimmers, there’s a good chance you’ll seek out pool renovations in Miami. Renovations are simply a part of pool ownership, but it’s important to stay on top of it, especially when it comes to pool resurfacing. Your pool’s surface should be safe and smooth, but there’s no doubt wear and tear will appear. A pool without resurfacing can be potentially hazardous for all of your pool’s occupants.

All Florida Pool & Spa is here to tell you that it’s important to be on the lookout for any indicators that show your pool’s surface isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Luckily, we offer pool renovation in Miami that keeps your pool’s surface smooth and ready to go. But whatever you do, don’t ignore problems with your pool’s surface or else it could mean big trouble in the future.

 3 Resurfacing Signs for Pool Renovation in Miami

The pool experts at All Florida Pool & Spa know all about pool resurfacing, so they’re happy to tell you to look for these 3 common signs:

  1. Frequent Cracks and Leaks: Are you noticing your pool’s surface becoming more and more susceptible to cracks and leaks? Then, it’s time to call for resurfacing immediately. Resurfacing can seal up cracks that will otherwise ruin the smoothness of your pool’s surface and prevent leaks from decreasing your water level. Even worse, frequent cracks or leaks can rack up the costs of your pool repair bills, so call for service immediately to eliminate any financial woes.
  2. Excessive Algae Growth: Even worse than the emergence of cracks and leaks is the growth of algae that can infest itself all over your pool’s surface. They can grow even in your pool’s tiniest crevices and fill your pool with germs. If your pool’s surface is crawling with algae more than often, then call for resurfacing and push algae away.
  3. Physical Damage: Tiny cracks in your pool’s surface are one thing, but it’s especially means for concern when you noticed extensive physical damage. Pieces of your pool’s surface will being to chip away over time and leave your once-majestic pool surface in a mess. Call for resurfacing when the damage is preventing your pool from operating at its best.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today for pool renovations in Miami, especially if you need resurfacing. If you notice any of the 3 signs above, call now and get your pool the smooth surface it deserves!