Pool Remodeling North Miami

If your pool has become more work than fun, it may be time to contact the professionals at our pool remodeling North Miami Company for a free estimate on renovation work. All Florida Pool and Spa Center employs North Miami remodeling pool experts who can make your pool look like it did when it was new. Before commencing any work on remodeling your pool, we will give you a complete written cost estimate and show you our ideas for design. Of course, we won’t start any reconstruction work until we get your approval.

There are several areas in your pool which may be problem spots and could benefits from our remodeling services. One of the most obvious areas for improvement in an older pool is its appearance. Wear and use over the years may have give the entire pool the appearance of discoloration. This could be improved by a complete resurfacing of the area, with the immediate benefits of removing the discoloration and giving your pool a more modern appearance.

Other features that could improve the look and function of your pool include laying new tiles and decking and investing in a lighting system for both improved look and safety. The great thing about a lighting system is that you can adjust the color or intensity of the lights to convey a specific mood if you’re having a pool party or even a romantic swim

Landscaping and water features that are placed near your pool will make your entire yard more visually appealing. We are happy to suggest products that will enhance your space and increase the value of your property at the same time.


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