Pool Remodeling Fort Lauderdale

Pool remodeling in Fort Lauderdale can give outdated pools a new look. Pools can be remodeled and repaired at the same time. Tile, decking or coping can be replaced to update and repair pools.
Tiles in new colors or designs can be used to improve a pool’s look or to replace tiles that are chipped or cracked. Homeowners with some cracked tiles may wish to replace all the pool tiles.
Damaged decking can be replaced with decking in a different material. Marble pavers give a deck an elegant appearance.

Coping can be added to improve the look of a pool area. Damaged coping can be replaced with coping in a new material. Marble coping is available. Tile, decking and coping can be purchased in the same color or in colors that match. Coping and decking can be made out of the same material.

Adding water features, lighting or a hot tub will improve the pool’s appearance. A fountain or waterfall will make the pool more attractive. The soothing sounds made by these water features can help turn the pool into a peaceful oasis in the backyard.

Lighting can create a party atmosphere or a romantic mood in the pool. Adding lighting to a pool area adds visibility during nighttime hours.

Placing a hot tub into an existing pool area can be done during pool remodeling in Fort Lauderdale. Homeowners can choose tile for the hot tub that is the same color as the tile in the pool


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