Pool Remodeling Miami Dade

Updating the colors, patterns and materials of your pool tiles can heighten the esthetics of your pool. You can select tiles that capture and echo your home’s unique architectural design and landscaping. Pool tiles provide a beautiful, resilient surface that protects the structural integrity of your investment.
They are available in a wide assortment of colors, but many pool owners usually select shades of blue and white for their ability to reflect light. Other popular colors are turquoise and green. You should incorporate two or three colors to complement your pool decking, an architectural feature or landscaping.

Pool tile is available in glass, mosaic, pebbles, stone and other materials for pool remodeling Miami Dade. You can evoke the retro glamour of Hollywood or an ultramodern feel. Glass tiles impart a distinctive iridescent look to your pool. You can use them to create a customized pattern on the floor of your pool or a distinctive border along the perimeter of your walls.

Many pool owners use mosaic tiles to create marine designs. You can decorate the floor or wall of your pool with crabs, sailfish, sand dollars or other nautical themes. Some families personalize their pools with their family crest or initials. Strategic installation of these tiles can transform your pool into an exquisite work of art.

Pebble tiles are a good option if you want something different from traditional tropical colors and textures. Tiling your floor with these composite tiles can recreate the look and feel of the beach.

Stone is a natural material quarried from locations around the world. It is available in a wide range of earth tones and unique patterns. Like pebble, stone is a wonderful material for those who want a warm, distinctive décor. Pool remodeling Miami Dade can give you the pool you’ve always wanted.


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