Problems that Require the Need for Pool Liner Repair Experts

When is the right time to call an expert for pool liner repairs? Typically, vinyl inground pool liners will need replacement every 8 years. However, careful maintenance, awareness of problem areas, and reduction of sun damage can extend the life of your pool liner. Repairing tears or punctures as soon as they occur could save you money and give you one more season. Truthfully, pool liner repair will always require a pool repair professional when there is extensive damage above the water line.

Pool Liner Repair Problems

Although you may be quite conscientious of wear and tear on your pool, sometimes problems crop up regardless. One common problem is the liner bead popping out. There are two reasons your liner may have came off the track – poor sizing or rips from sharp objects. Poor sizing is often due to installation problems where the liner is roughly tugged up to fit the track. Rips often occur from fallen branches or twigs, humans, or pets. Typically a simple pool liner repair kit is sufficient to patch up most tears, even those below water level.  However, the most common issue for liner failure is damage from the environment. Afternoon sun reflections off the surface of the water tend to hit the far side of the wall with a surprising intensity and lead to liner breakdown.  When the liner gets brittle and breaks apart, this is when it’s time to contact a pool liner repair professional such as All Florida Pool & Spa Center.  This family-owned company will detect and fix the leaks in your pool and provide total satisfaction in the repair assistance your pool needs.

Repairing Leaking Pool Liners

Catching leaking pool liners fast is the best way to save money, as often a quick response will mean the difference between a cheap pool liner repair and a costly replacement. The highest costs associated with damaged pool liners come from increased electricity and chemical consumption due to leaking water. As water leaks, heat and chemicals are lost which require more power output and more frequent replenishment.

Locating Leaks

There are several methods for detecting leaks. For manual inspection, analyze the fixtures coming out of the pool liner such as skimmer, heater, lights, pump, drain for indications of a leak or liner broken free.  Never drain a pool to fix a damaged liner as it may cause the liner to wrinkle or slip which will require a professional to repair. Another option is leak tests which contain a dye that will visibly seep towards the leak. If patching, make sure your vinyl patch is rounded and at least 4 inches past the puncture point.

Pool Liner Replacement Steps

There are many additional expenses associated with replacing swimming pool liners such as removal and disposal of the old liner, skim coats of sand and cement to the pool floor, replacement of wall foam, and startup chemicals for the pool. In addition, you will need to factor in a new skimmer, main drain, and return plates.

Routine inspection and proper care can go a long way in extending the life of your pool liner, however, eventually all vinyl pool liners will need replacement.  Utilize the professionals like All Florida Pool & Spa Center who provides guaranteed pool repair assistance. If you see damage above the water line or brittle, dry edges it’s time for a new one.