Is Your Pool Lighting Safe?

Plenty of homeowners enjoy spending time lounging by their backyard swimming pool in Miami. Most people understand the risks associated with swimming pools and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe swim. However, several incidents recently in Miami has homeowners reevaluating pool safety. Four children were injured, one fatally, when they were shocked by electricity while swimming in a North Miami pool. Swimming pool lighting is generally extremely safe, when working properly. And it’s no secret that water and electricity don’t mix well. Ensuring that all light fixtures are properly installed and have no leaks should be a priority for any pool owner. If you are concerned about a faulty light or would like your pool light checked by a professional pool cleaning and maintenance company, give All Florida Pool & Spa Center a call today!

There are multiple safeguards in place to prevent water from infiltrating light fixtures and turning the pool into a giant lightning bolt. Having a system that is thoroughly grounded, for example, is one such safeguard. This ensures electricity flows into the ground rather than into the pool if something were to trip the system. It is, however, still important to keep your pool well maintained as corrosion is often a leading cause of problems. Older pools, those built 30 years ago or older, can often have lighting systems running off a full 120 volts. If introduced to the water, 120 volts is a potentially lethal amount for a swimmer. We highly recommend changing out these 120 volt system.  Modern lighting systems utilize a much safer 12 volts and many are switching to LED lighting for its efficiency and aesthetic. Specialty LED bulbs can also change colors, giving your pool a glowing appeal at night. LED bulbs are also 75% more efficient that incandescent lighting and last many years. Any pool can be retrofitted for LED lighting so long as you work with a pool renovation specialist in Miami.

Working with a professional pool renovation company is the best way to ensure your pool is safe and ready to enjoy whenever you want. The technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center in Miami have ample experience cleaning and inspecting pools for problems. Unless you’re an experienced electrician, servicing your pools electrical system by yourself is a really bad idea and can lead to serious injury or worse. All Florida Pool & Spa Center can assist you in repairing or upgrading your pool’s lighting system with energy efficient LED bulbs. Call or stop by today for more information!