How Do I Know If My Pool Leaks?

One of the most frustrating problems for a pool owner in Miami is when you think your pool is leaking. What many don’t realize is that living in South Florida means evaporation and backwashing are part of the process. Over the course of an entire year, a pool will turn over its entire volume of water due to routine evaporation.

Excessive water loss is measured over a 24 hour survey when a simple pencil mark is made in a conspicuous place and referred to the following day to determine the actual amount of water lost in the time frame. Sunbelt areas use a quarter inch per day criteria to determine the severity of your water loss. Under a quarter inch daily is acceptable while over the daily measurement is a cause for further consultation from a pool maintenance professional.

Did you know that water loss occurs all year long and is not more drastic in the winter than the summer or vice versa? Evaporation is the result of the difference between the ambient (outside temperature) as compared to the pool water temperature. Cold dry winter air is an energy vampire for any outdoor pool and even more so if the pool is heated. So the dog days of summer are not the only cause of evaporation.

Consult the knowledgeable pool and hot tub professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center if you feel your pool water loss is over a quarter inch daily. Do not refer to a plumbing contractor to come use cameras in your pipes or a pool cleaning technician that visits the property one time per week. These technicians may be experienced and skilled in their areas but more often than not they overlook the fundamentals of accurate leak diagnostics which can lead to ineffective results and unnecessary expenses. In order to get the job done right, you need an expert pool repair technician from All Florida Pool & Spa Center.