Pool Heating

It’s a warm beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. Your enjoying the outdoors- pool looks very inviting. Change into swim wear- go outside – cannon ball into the pool – suddenly you find yourself screaming underwater- THE WATER IS TOO COLD.

So I have to ask,’ what’s the point of having a pool if it’s too cold to use it?’  There are many ways to heat a pool and or spa; here is what you need to know.

There are 3 common ways to heat a body of water.

  1. Electrical resistance
  2. Gas (propane or natural)
  3. Heat pumps

Electrical Resistance- This type of heating uses electrical current thru a heating element, commonly used in spas or small bodies of water, this type of heating usually takes the longest but will heat up regardless of outside air temperature.  Not recommended for pools, as the electrical consumption is great and you will see a spike in your electric bill.

Gas (propane or natural) – This type of heating uses fossil fuel ( gas or propane) and heats the water by having the flames go over a copper fin heat exchanger. This type of heating is by far the fastest form of heating but also the most expensive.  This is due to the fact the gas heaters are not the most efficient.  Example:  For every dollars worth of gas you spend, your only receiving .80 to .87 cents worth of heat . Even with the most efficient blower fed gas heaters your still not getting .90 cents worth of heat.

Heat Pumps- This type of heating uses the similar technology as of your air conditioning for your home. To over simplify how this works.. You start with refrigerant – which is very cold. It then passes thru an evaporator that gets air sucked thru it via a fan, then the refrigerant goes to a compressor-, which compresses the liquid into a gas and super heats.  It then passes thru a heat exchanger, which then transfers the heat to the water,  and transforms the gas back into a liquid and start the process all over again. This process uses electricity and it’s efficiency is rated as C.O.P. (coeffient of performance) . This means for every dollar of electricity you use, your return is about $6. , worth of heat. This is a very efficient way to heat your pool.

At All Florida Pool and Spa Center, we can provide the best heating solution for your heating requirements.