Get Pool Deck Maintenance to Keep Your Surface Fresh

A home with an inground pool takes time to maintain with work that includes adding chemicals, skimming, brushing and vacuuming.  However, the work doesn’t stop there with your pool.  The pool deck that surrounds your pool can also attract algae, mold, get cracked, stained or discolored over time. The pool deck is that usable area for relaxing as well as entertaining, and this is just one of the reasons why pool deck maintenance is important.

Pool Deck Maintenance

If you wish to have an outdoor living space that is attractive, clean and inviting for family, friends or customers, then your pool decks should be regularly disinfected and cleaned.  Not only to prevent the spread of disease, but also, to not have a slippery deck surface.  There are a variety of pool decking surfaces, all of which require regular pool deck maintenance.  Whether it is paver stones, ceramic tile, wood, cement, or stone, each of these pool deck surfaces will require some type of cleaning procedures.  Whether you have a commercial pool deck or residential pool deck in Miami, All Florida Pool & Spa Center can provide the pool deck maintenance services you need.

Cleaning Processes

Pressure Washing: Large pool deck surfaces such as hotels, public pools or day spas can benefit from pressure washing. Remove grease, bacteria, dirt and stains from the pool deck surface by deep cleaning with a pressure washer to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Scrubbing: Another type of cleaning procedure utilizes tools such as pool deck scrub brushes. Hard to get dirt and grime spots may require special attention, and the scrubbing brushes can tackle this no problem.

Sanitize & Disinfectants: So, you recently had a cookout, or entertained a bunch of guests on your pool deck where there is food, drinks and a ton of foot traffic.  There is bound to be food dropped and drinks spilled on your pool deck as well as dirt and grime buildup overtime.  This can turn into harmful pathogens, bacteria and require disinfectant.  A pool deck maintenance service like All Florida Pool & Spa Center will provide the right types of sanitation tools and chemicals to properly clean your pool decks surface.

Pool Decking Surfaces Types

Your pool deck sets the tone of your backyard oasis.  There is more time spent on the pool deck then actual time spent in the pool.  There are a variety of pool decks that will require cleaning.  Poured concrete, wood decks, composite wood, stone and pavers are just a few of the pool decking surface types.

Hiring Pool Deck Maintenance Service

Receiving regular pool deck maintenance through a professional service is an excellent way to keep your pool clean and safe.  Prevent bacteria, algae and dirt build up. Repair cracks and resurface your pool deck when it gets worn out.  A professional service such as All Florida Pool & Spa Center will provide reliability and quality of service to ensure your pool deck will last a lifetime.