Does Your Pool Need a Cleaning Before Memorial Day?

Does Your Pool Need a Cleaning Before Memorial Day?

It is going to be another enchanting weekend in Miami with temperatures in the mid-80s to 90s. But that seems to be the status quo when you live in a vacation spot with eternal sunshine. Weather like this makes things easy when making plans for Memorial Day weekend. Your options are pretty simple: beach party or pool party. However, unless you live on the beach, finding a 3×3 area of sand to house your towel, grill, cooler, drinks, speakers, and all 20 of your closest friends is going to be nearly impossible; unless you are willing to camp out overnight in the parking lot like a preteen waiting for Justin Bieber tickets to go on sale. A party of the beach shouldn’t mean sacrificing your well-deserved sleep in on day off.

Pool parties, like Meryl Streep or the Beatles, have never gone out of style and Miami is infamous for MTV-styled pool parties. The place to be this Memorial Day is the Miami Madness 2014 Weekend Party. Miami Herald advertises it as, “A non-stop partying weekend features pool parties, A-list released posted their A-list artists/celebrities, nation’s top DJs, radio personalities, supermodels and video vixens, NBA and NFL…” The list goes on, as the price goes up; tickets to the weekend’s events range from 30 to 150 dollars. Don’t forget to factor in the additional money for over-priced drinks. So how do you get the Miami party without the cost of Miami?

Why not create your own Miami themed pool party for Memorial Day? For those of you who have not thrown a party before, this may seem daunting. But just keep things simple. Google a simple playlist from the top trending songs, string up those white Christmas lights, and keep the fare simple with hot dogs. If you’re still sweating it, just remember: the wrong music choice can easily be switched! And who needs A-list celebrities when you can have all 20 of your closest friends to hang out with?

However, there is one thing that cannot be excused: a dirty pool. No one wants to go for a refreshing dip and come out covered in a slimy film of algae. Luckily, good pool cleaning in Miami is simple too. The All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers services for both commercial and residential properties. These services range from balancing pH levels, full pool brushing, and chemical adjustment. All Florida Pool & Spa center can also repair damages and replace or upgrade any of your pool equipment.

So forget the sand that gets into all the wrong places and the pressure to spend it all in Miami. Make things stress-free and fun on Memorial Day with a pool party: simple food, good music, great company, and the refreshing feeling of swimming in a clean pool.