Keep Your Pool Clean with a New Filter

When using your swimming pool, there are certain things you never want to worry about. The water you’re using needs to be clean and free from bacteria, algae or debris. But keeping the water free of pollutants doesn’t happen by itself. It’s important to have a good filtration system. All Florida Pool & Spa in North Miami provides three different types of filters—cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth which all keep your pool clean and safe.

Just because the water in your pool is clear, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Some of the most dangerous pollutants can’t be seen by the naked eye. Filters that are fitted with cartridges contain a polyester-based meshing which can remove the smallest debris. Cartridge pool filters are the most common. They can cover a great surface area. Pools which use cartridge filters generally have fewer clogs and should be cleaned by a hose every few weeks. They’re easy to maintain and run on lower pressure, which results in more flow and turnover.  Keep in mind not all cartridges are the same. The design and the consistency of the cartridge determine which is most effective.

Sand pool filters use sand to trap debris as small as 20 to 40 microns. They are manually backwashed once every 2-3 weeks to unload the water waste.  What makes these filters beneficial is they’re simple and require a minimal amount of attention.  They’re easy to clean and maintain. They use a backwash valve to reverse water flow though the sand and out of the pool.

The diatomaceous earth filter system brings multiple results. It not only cleans the water, it also makes it sparkle. D.E. filters can remove particles as tiny as 3-5 microns. Although these particles can’t be seen by the naked eye, they can greatly affect the clarity of water when they accumulate in large quantities.  The D.E. system is the most expensive of the filters. That’s because it brings the best results. By using a D.E. filter, pool owners can go longer between cleanings. It also operates on a much lower pumping power, enabling consumers to save more money on energy costs.

If you’re looking for a new pool infiltration system, All Florida Pool and Spa Center in North Miami offers a complete line of cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth filters. They carry all the major brands including Pentair to keep your pools crystal clear. These filters are known for endurance and efficiency. They’re strong enough to combat corrosion, chemicals and the harsh warm weather of Miami and Miami Beach, to provide years of quality service.