Pool Builder Receives Community Lifesaver Award

All Florida Pool & Spa Center knows that pool safety is vitally important for not just homeowners in Miami, but across the country as well.

The Nation Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA), an organization dedicated to pool safety, gives the Community Lifesaver Award every year to individuals who have contributed to teaching the public on about swimming pool safety. This year for the first time, a pool builder received the 2014 Community Lifesaver Award. Joseph Vassallo, President of Las Vegas-based Paragon Pools earned the honor of being the recipient of this award. He is credited and recognized for creating the “Float Like A Duck” program, which is an awareness campaign that educates the public on the importance of safety while playing fun water sports.

Last year, the program, “Float Like A Duck” received the Communities Award, an award that recognized businesses, groups, and individuals who offer community service and display corporate social responsibility. The program provides free access to a community pool or waterpark for families. They can learn water safety techniques there and the kids will be able to meet Duckie, the “Float Like A Duck” mascot. For the past 11 years, this program has continued to be a joint effort between the YMCA, the City of Las Vegas, local media, and the Las Vegas Fire and Metro Departments.

The NDPA Community Lifesaver Award honored Vassallo for his exceptional work in the field of drowning prevention, that of the community level. On Saturday, May 24, 2014, McGruff, the Crime Fighting Dog along with Tim Szymanski of the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Public Education and City Councilwoman, Lois Tarkanian presented Vassallo and Duckie with the 2014 Community Lifesaver Award at his annual water safety event at the YMCA in Las Vegas. Vassallo will be remembered always as the very first pool builder to ever receive this notable award. He is making history, while at the same time helping tomorrow’s swimmers and children know the crucial safety precautions that need to be taken while they are swimming.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center carries a large selection of pool and spa equipment in Miami which can help you get the most out of your backyard swimming pool. Understanding the do’s and don’ts of swimming pool safety is key for anyone who wants to enjoy their pool in Miami this summer. If you want your backyard to be more safe and comfortable, come to All Florida Pool & Spa Center today!