Miami Commercial Pool Service from the Experts

Pool safety is extremely important for both residential and commercial pool owners in Miami. Residential pool owners must comply with all the requirements set for by Florida law for things like barriers, covers, safety equipment, door latches and so on. A commercial pool in particular needs to comply with all the guidelines as they are subject to regular assessments from safety and health inspectors. Failure to meet the standards set by the state means a pool could be closed until changes are made. That could have a serious impact on a business like a hotel who relies heavily on their pool as a featured activity. Rather than leave your commercial pool service in Miami up to chance, contact the professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center today and see what they can do for you.

There are many acts and statutes which oversee proper Miami pool care and safety including the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act which was signed into law by the President of the United States in 2007. The act was named for Virginia Graeme Baker, a 7 year old who drowned in her family’s hot tub after she could not dislodge herself from a drain which sucked her under the water. The act both raised awareness for pool safety but also required mandatory drain cover and other safety features in not just Miami pools and spas, but all across the country as well. Miami pool safety is a priority at All Florida Pool & Spa Center and they carry a large number of safety products and pool accessories which may help save someone’s life one day. Pool accidents are entirely avoidable so long as you take the necessary steps to make things safe for young children, adults and everyone in between. Contact All Florida Pool & Spa Center today and find out how they can make your commercial pool a wonderful place for guests to enjoy the Miami sunshine.

The technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center are up to date on the latest and greatest pool safety guidelines and products to ensure that your Miami commercial swimming pool is always in compliance and safe for guests to enjoy. They stay on top of all the changes in the pool industry so you don’t have to. All Florida Pool & Spa Center can handle all aspects of Miami commercial pool service including inspections, repairs, cleaning and more. Call today and schedule and appointment to speak with someone today!