Meet Your Body’s New Best Friend – Miami Hot Tubs

Everyday you beat up your poor body. Stress from work, early morning wake-up calls, the constant push and pull on your muscles — the endless demand we put on our bodies day in and day out leaves us with a tired feeling we can’t quite shake. That is, until you experience the magic of a Sundance Spa.

Imagine going to a professional spa after every workday. Having a massage to wrap up every week day seems like a dream come true. Well, with only the upfront investment of a hot tub, that dream can be a reality! You can have that boutique spa experience everyday with a Sundance Spa. What does a private hot tub experience have to offer you?

5 Ways Our Hot Tubs Give You a Better Massage

This is a relaxation experience you can’t get at a professional! Only a personal hot tub from Sundance Spas can provide the soothing massage we mean.

  1. Jets- From deeply relaxing to powerfully invigorating, the Sundance Spa jets offer a multitude of massage options. Swirling, pulsating, streaming, penetrating, oscillating — the options are varied and unique to specific models. Depending on the ache or pain, the jets can deliver a precise release.
  2. Clean Water- Sundance Spa’s Clear-Ray technology uses UV lighting to eliminate harmful bacteria from the water without using corrosive chemicals. That means pure, healthy, cleansing water that doesn’t leave a chemical coating on your skin! The water that streams from the jets will be safe and efficient, saving maintenance and utility costs down the road.
  3. Ergonomics- The hot, invigorating water delivered by powerful jets is only the first part of the therapeutic process. The way you sit is also important for relaxation. Each seat in a Sundance Spa helps you maintain even weight distribution and correct posture. What good is a massage if you feel out of whack afterwards? With different seating choices in the spa types you can always find the perfect spot for the type of therapy you need.
  4. Peace of Mind- The therapy you receive from Sundance Spas from the thrusting hot water is only part of your relaxation. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance and repair is the other. All of the spas in the Sundance family utilize bearingless jets that won’t corrode and breakdown over time. With their Clear-Ray filtration system, harmful chemicals won’t break down the motor or parts over the lifetime of the spa. With a more efficient operation, you’ll also notice a difference on your utility bill.

Sundance Spas are the closest thing you can get to a perfect, serene massage without worrying about high costs and wasted time. Enjoy the benefits of a hydro-massage on your own timeframe in the comfort of your own home. Rest at ease in a Miami hot tub today!