Luxurious Pool Resurfacing Plans to Make Your Backyard Standout

Your pool is showing signs of weathering, and cracks from daily use. It is time to resurface your pool to ensure not only a safe place to swim, but also, a beautiful area to lounge and entertain. While deciding on implementing pool resurfacing plans, it is also a great time to add other amenities for your pool and pool deck features. Remodeling choices can range from intricate pool structures, landscaping, and water features to tie into your project, in order to create a luxurious pool and backyard that will stand out.  Learn about the various pool resurfacing plans and tips in order to create your own backyard oasis.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Whether you have a surface in disrepair, safety concerns or in need of a fresh new look, your pool resurfacing plans and budget will determine the resurfacing material. Simple concrete is less expensive but has a life expectancy of 10 years while fiberglass pool resurfacing lasts 25 years. Other resurfacing options include tile, stone or plaster. When you are making pool resurfacing plans to include a large pool deck remodeling, the type of resurfacing material will match and blend into the overall theme of your backyard and pool remodel. Your pool resurfacing project plans take into account weather, maintenance demands and durability of materials used.

Gazebos and Pergolas

While planning your pool resurfacing project take the opportunity to add features to your pool and backyard for a completely luxurious pool area. Gazebos and Pergolas are wonderful additions to your backyard and pool area. They provide a beautiful sitting area but allow you to have a shaded retreat to get away from the day’s boiling sun.  At night, sit in a cozy sitting area for a moonlight gathering or nighttime dip.  In your pool resurfacing plans you can install pool lighting from your pool and along the pathway to your gazebo to provide a lighted and comfortable experience when navigating in the dark.

Botanical Gardens

Don’t forget the landscaping during your opportunity to add beautiful plants. During your pool resurfacing plans, include a true botanical garden around your pool and backyard. You will feel like you are in a lagoon in the middle of the jungle surrounded by fragrant, bright flowers and lush greenery. If you include a structure, climbing and hanging botanicals with twinkling lights can create a lovely escape.

Water Fountains and Water Jets

The addition of waterfalls, fountains and jets are enchanting add-ons to your pool resurfacing plans and remodeling options. Water features add beauty, sound, and ambiance to your pool and backyard pool area. Make your backyard and pool standout.

Pool Resurfacing Plans Support

When your pool starts losing its shine, tiles are cracking and coming loose, or weather and time have taken a toll, it is time for pool resurfacing. Why not remodel your backyard and pool area to include structures, water features, and landscaping to give you the retreat you have always dreamed about? Contact the professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center to go over your pool resurfacing plans and options today.