Hot Tubs Cayman Islands, Swim Spas Cayman Islands and Pool Products

Nothing adds luxury to a home more than a hot tub or swim spa. Hot tubs Cayman Islands and swim spas Cayman Islands are ideal spas for creating luxury in the home. Determining whether a hot tub or a swim spa is more ideal for a home depends greatly upon the home owner’s needs, however, for there are some differences in hot tubs Cayman Islands and swim spas Cayman Islands.


Hot Tubs

Hot tubs feature jets and therapy seats. The jets create foam and circulate water in the hot tub, promoting relaxation and helping relieve stress. They also spray on aching muscle pressure points to relieve pain. Some hot tubs even have LED color-changing lights and others have aromatherapy blowers, depending upon the brand and model of the hot tub.


Swim Spas

Swim spas also feature jets that circulate water through the tubs. However, swim spas are much larger than hot tubs, and they are designed for promoting exercise and overall well-being instead of just relaxation like hot tubs. Swim spas are generally deeper than hot tubs and allow people to maximize their water depth, which increases their aerobic activity. This, in turn, helps them increase muscle strength and tone. Swim spas also help people increase their flexibility, burn more calories, and strengthen their hearts’ endurance.


Pool Products

Regardless of whether a home has a hot tub or a swim spa, it is essential to always use the appropriate pool products with the tub. This ensures that the pH levels of the tub stays balanced, which keeps the water healthier. Moreover, unclean water can pose a hazard for swimmers.

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